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Impeccable workmanship, maximum wearing comfort, a powerful, authentic sound and free from interference at all times thanks to active noise cancellation – the new over-ear headphones from Bang & Olufsen, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX, are supposed to offer all this.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX, with this Bang & Olufsen introduces a further pair of headphones from the BeoPLAY Series in an already very well positioned product range in the area of personal audio devices. According to the manufacturer, these are over-ear headphones with a particularly powerful and, above all, authentic sound reproduction, which, and this is the really remarkable thing, have a particularly long playing time despite Bluetooth and even active noise cancellation.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX – comfort takes centre stage

The Danish manufacturer particularly emphasises the comfort of the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX. It is said to guarantee music enjoyment for hours on end without the headphones being in the least bit annoying.

When designing the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX, for example, care was taken to ensure that it was particularly lightweight, despite the use of high-quality and therefore durable materials. Aluminium and plastic are used, with recycled materials for sustainability. The new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX weighs no more than 285g.

The headband has a so-called comfort zone, which is located in the middle and is supposed to reduce the pressure on the wearer. This allows the headphones to adapt particularly well to different head shapes. Ear pads made of memory foam covered with soft lambskin leather are also essential features of the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX to guarantee said high level of comfort. While the inside of the headband is naturally covered with a textile fabric, the outside is made of cowhide with a soft grain.

Elegant design

It’s hardly necessary to mention that design has always played an important role at Bang & Olufsen, and this also applies to the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX, which once again features a wide range of characteristic design features from the Scandinavian company.

The user can choose between three variants. In addition to Black Anthracite, Sand and Timber are also available, with a very attractive combination of different colours for the anodised aluminium, leather and plastic elements.

Superior sound

The manufacturer is not at all modest when it comes to describing the sound, even referring to the superior sound of the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX. They use custom-made 40 mm drivers with powerful neodymium magnets and a typical Bang & Olufsen tuning by the company’s acoustics experts.

It should be emphasised that the Bang & Olufsen App for Apple iOS and Google Android allows the user to call up sound profiles via BeoSonic in order to make individual adjustments.

Active Noise Cancelling

As already mentioned, the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX is equipped with active noise cancelling, or ANC for short. The manufacturer refers to this as hybrid ANC or Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling and thus the latest generation of this technology. This is supposed to achieve particularly accurate results, even in noisy environments and without negative effects on the sound characteristics. A transparency mode can also be used to ensure that you are not completely cut off from your surroundings, as some of the ambient noise is still transmitted. This is important, for example, when driving in traffic.

Four microphones are available for the ANC function, two per ear cup.

Ideal for phone calls and video calls

Of course, the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX can also be used for telephone calls, but also for video calls on a notebook. Four microphones are also available for this purpose, which are designed as MEMS to guarantee particularly good speech quality.

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  • Bang n Olufsen BeoPLAY HX 12
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  • Bang n Olufsen BeoPLAY HX 07

Bluetooth 5.1

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX uses Bluetooth 5.1 for the connection to the source device, whereby special attention was paid to fast connectivity and a reliable signal connection. For this purpose, the headphones are equipped with Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair, as well as being certified for Apple MFi (Made for iPod). In addition to SBC and AAC, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX also supports aptX and aptX Adaptive, but not aptX HD.

Long battery life

The new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX’s 1,200 mAh lithium-ion battery is said to provide up to 35 hours of playtime, so you can actually use it for several days without charging. Mind you, this applies to Bluetooth with activated noise suppression; without this, a playing time of up to 40 hours is possible. If it does become necessary to charge the battery, this is done via a USB-C interface and within three hours. The matching USB-C to USB-A cable is included in the scope of delivery.

Key technical data

As usual in this class, the frequency range of the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX is specified as 20 Hz up to 22 kHz, the limiting factor once again being the signal transmission via Bluetooth. Even though this is not really that relevant, it should be mentioned for the sake of completeness that the impedance is given as 24 ohms and the sensitivity as 95 dB. Of course, these data come into play when the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX is operated via cable, which is possible with the 1.25 m audio cable with 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack included in the delivery.

Carrying case included

In addition to the aforementioned cables, the scope of delivery also includes a matching carrying bag. The manufacturer refers to this as a handmade, form-fitting fabric case.

“Our drive to create the best audio products has resulted in the Beoplay HX, which offers an immersive and precise sound experience, ultimate convenience and a sophisticated user interface to meet the habits, values and needs of our customers. Whether working from home or travelling for business or pleasure, our new headphones revolutionise the listening experience and let you escape from the noise of everyday life.”

Christoffer Poulsen, SVP of Product Management at Bang & Olufsen

The new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX will be available in stores immediately. The manufacturer is quoting a recommended retail price of € 499. As described, the versions Black Anthracite, Sand and Timber are available.

Getting to the point

Of course, the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY HX should also convince with an appealing design, but also with a very high wearing comfort. In this respect, the developers have once again come up with a few interesting features for these over-ear headphones with Bluetooth. Fine sound is also promised, not least through unclouded music enjoyment free from external influences. A particularly sophisticated active noise suppression system is supposed to ensure this.

Manufacturer: Bang & Olufsen
Distribution: Bang & Olufsen
Price:€ 499,-
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