Audirvana Studio 1.2.0 available

A new update for Audirvana Studio is now available. It is the version Audirvana Studio 1.2.0, which brings a number of detail improvements and enhancements.

Audirvana Studio, the latest generation of media management and hi-res audio playback software, which has been drastically expanded in many areas compared to the previous Audirvana, has just been released and is now followed by an update.

In fact, it is already the second update within a few days, because the French software company of Damien Plisson first made the version Audirvana Studio 1.1.0 available, followed by the current version Audirvana Studio 1.2.0.

Audirvana Studio 1.1.0

The update to Audirvana Studio 1.1.0 primarily brought an optimisation of the software’s memory requirements, especially in connection with the option of so-called audio fingerprinting introduced in Audirvana Studio, i.e. the software’s analysis function.

Display options have also been extended, such as the display of TIDAL artist albums or images for radio subgenres.

Audirvana Studio 1.2.0

For the current update to Audirvana Studio 1.2.0, the developers state that saving the Musicbranz ID of a track in the metadata in the audio file is an option in the settings that is switched off by default. In addition, a bug in the playlists and genres of the provider HRA Streaming has been fixed, as well as bugs in TIDAL playlists and the Playlist Navigator folder can now be expanded and collapsed without any problems.

Getting to the point

Audirvana Studio, an extremely versatile solution for music management and playback under Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows, has been available for a few weeks. It is in the nature of things that there are still one or two problems to be solved after the market launch and functions to be optimised. The French programming team behind Audirvana Studio has already distinguished itself in recent years with impeccable support, and they seem to be keeping it that way with the new Audirvana Studio, which is now available in version Audirvana Studio 1.2.0.

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€ 69.98 per year
for existing customers € 49.98 in the first year
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