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Arcam ST25, Arcam SA35 and Arcam SA45 – New trio in the Arcam Radia Series

The Arcam ST25 Streamer, Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier and Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier are three new systems that will expand the Arcam Radia Series, which Harman International Industries and its Harman Luxury Audio Group division presented for the first time exactly one year ago at High-end 2023 as new HiFi solutions under the Arcam brand.

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  • The Harman Luxury Audio Group will be presenting three new products under the Arcam brand at High-end 2024: the Arcam ST25 Streamer, Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier and Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier.

Harman International Industries, or rather its Harman Luxury Group division, was able to present no fewer than three innovations centred around the Arcam brand at High-end 2024 in Munich. These are solutions that expand the so-called Arcam Radia Series, a product line that was introduced almost exactly one year ago as a replacement for the Arcam HDA Series and which now takes centre stage in the classic HiFi sector.

With the new Arcam ST25 Streamer streaming client, the new trio not only offers a new source device, the two new All-in-One systems Arcam S35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier and Arcam S45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier, which can clearly be categorised as just add speakers, are particularly exciting. As such, they fully meet the desire of many customers to be able to realise a particularly compact, yet flexible and powerful HiFi system.

Arcam Radia Series – now eight systems

With the new trio, the Arcam Radia Series has now grown to an impressive eight models, as the manufacturer emphasises. It was founded with the amplifier systems Arcam A5 Integrated Amplifier, Arcam A15 Integrated Amplifier and Arcam A25 Integrated Amplifier, and has so far been rounded off by the Arcam CD5 CD Player and the Arcam ST5 Streamer.

The new Arcam ST25 Streamer also presents itself as a streaming client and follows in the footsteps of the Arcam ST60.

The new amplifier systems Arcam SA35 Integrated Amplifier and Arcam SA45 Integrated Amplifier are also great role models, with the latest models promising the finest technology and particularly elegant design.

The manufacturer is convinced that both amplifier systems represent the next evolutionary stage of the Arcam All-in-One systems and follow on from the Arcam SA30 Integrated Amplifier and the Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier was inspired by the Arcam A49, as the manufacturer states for the record.

The special feature here is not least the fact that this is the latest, now fifth generation of the Class G amplifier technology developed by Arcam. What all three systems also have in common is that they utilise Arcam’s latest streaming platform and, according to Harman Luxury Audio Group, all of this is intended to set new standards in the listening and user experience.

Arcam Radia ST25 Streamer – With a new streaming platform

As the new top-of-the-range model in the Arcam Radia Series, the Arcam Radia ST25 Streamer is intended to be presented in the style of the product line, although a new approach is now being taken internally.

Building on the success of the Arcam ST60, the new Arcam Radia ST25 streamer offers a host of new technologies, first and foremost a completely redeveloped audio and streaming platform, along with an improved user interface with a large, high-resolution 6.5-inch display.

The new Arcam Radia ST25 Streamer can be integrated into the network in the tried-and-tested manner via RJ45 Ethernet interface or WiFi and initially functions as a dlna-certified UPnP streaming client, which also supports Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect and is said to be Roon-ready.

Convenient control is primarily via the Arcam Radia app and, of course, control can also be extended to amplifier systems from the Arcam Radia Series.

Signal processing is carried out using the latest generation of converters from specialist ESS Technology Inc. with up to 32 bits and 768 kHz, using the so-called ESS Hyperstream IV DAC topology, according to the manufacturer, who also emphasises a well thought-out layout of the circuit board including a ground plane for lowest noise and a new linear power supply based on a toroidal transformer as essential components of the new Arcam Radia ST25 streamer.

Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier and Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier

Harman Luxury Audio Group describes the two new stereo integrated amplifiers in the Arcam Radia Series, the Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier and Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier, as powerhouses. As we have already mentioned, these are amplifiers that utilise the latest Class G amplifier technology from the Cambridge-based company.

The Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier is capable of delivering two 120 watts into 8 ohms, and with an impedance of just 4 ohms it can deliver two 220 watts. The Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier can even deliver two times 180 watts into 8 ohms; if the speaker systems have an impedance of only 4 ohms, it delivers a full 300 watts per channel.

As the name suggests, streaming is the main focus of both models, with the possibilities corresponding to those we already mentioned with the new Arcam ST25 streamer.

While the Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier has a 6.5 inch display, the front of the Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier even has an 8.8 inch display.

In addition to streaming over the network, both amplifier systems are also equipped with Bluetooth, whereby Bluetooth 5.2 is used and a wide range of codecs are supported, from SBC to AAC and aptX. It should be mentioned that this is a transmitter, so it can be used to send and receive. This means that not only smartphones can be used as a source, but Bluetooth headphones can also be integrated.

It goes without saying that the two amplifier systems offer numerous analogue and digital interfaces, even HDMI is on board, of course with ARC so that a TV set can be used directly as a source.

A special feature on the analogue side is of course the integrated phono preamp, which supports both MM and MC cartridge systems.

Another special feature of the two amplifier systems is Dirac LIVE Room Correction, which means that they can be perfectly adapted to the respective room conditions with the help of a measuring microphone included in the scope of delivery.

“We were really overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reception that our first Arcam Radia Series models received from both consumers and professionals. It has been very gratifying to see how people have embraced our new style of HiFi. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to develop the new products and the result is exceptional: impeccable design, elegant aesthetics, user-friendly features and outstanding performance. We can’t wait to bring this trio to market – they are worthy additions to the Arcam Radia family.”

Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning Harman Luxury Audio Group

Pricing and availability

The new models in the Arcam Radia Series will take some time to arrive, as they are not due to be launched until September 2024. The Arcam ST25 Streamer will cost € 1.799,- and the Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier and Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier will cost € 3.499,- and € 4.999,- respectively.

Getting to the point

Harman Luxury Audio Group is expanding the Arcam brand’s range of HiFi components with three outstanding models, namely the Arcam Radia Series. From autumn 2024, not only will the new Arcam ST25 Streamer be available as a new source device, but also the Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier and Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier solutions, two particularly versatile, powerful amplifier systems that can be clearly assigned to the Just add speakers category and are aimed at users with particularly high quality requirements.

PriceArcam ST25 Streamer € 1.799,-
Arcam SA35 Streaming Integrated Amplifier € 3.499,-
Arcam SA45 Streaming Integrated Amplifier € 4.999,-
ManufacturerA & R Cambridge Ltd.
Distribution AustriaR.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution GermanyGP Acoustics GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandGP Acoustics GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HiFi BLOG
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