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Dan D'Agostino presents the most affordable stereo integrated amplifier to date - D'Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier

Solutions from Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems LLC. are clearly among the exquisite solutions in the field of HiFi electronics, one could also clearly speak of HiFi Luxury. In this respect, the new D'Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier is a comparatively affordable new stereo integrated amplifier.

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  • D'Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier, with this solution Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems LLC. presents a stereo integrated amplifier at a comparatively favourable price.

The US company Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems LLC. has been known for years for its sophisticated solutions. There is no doubt that this is true HiFi luxury, both in terms of the technical equipment and the always independent design line as well as the very generous use of materials. In this respect, it is a little surprising that the company is now presenting a new stereo integrated amplifier at the High-end 2024, which is downright modest compared to all previous solutions from Cave Creek in the US state of Arizona.

In Munich, Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems LLC. presented the new D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier for the first time, a stereo integrated amplifier with extremely flexible features, a comparatively favourable price and yet all the important features of a Dan D’Agostino solution aimed at a broad customer base.

D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier – For every music lover

The manufacturer states that the new D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier was created with the aim of appealing to the largest possible number of music lovers, and indeed to address new customer groups, as they openly admit.

It is striking that, naturally due to the more favourable price point, the company has not gone to the immense material expense that it normally does. The new D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier is almost restrained, even though it also weighs 15,9 kg with dimensions of 43,2 x 11,8 x 35,6 cm.

The housing is made of aluminium in the tried and tested manner and the controls and the centrally positioned LC display, which is designed in the style of a high-quality Swiss watch, are framed in copper.

Sophisticated circuit design

At the heart of the D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier is a revised version of the manufacturer’s renowned JFET Input Circuit Topology, borrowed from the D’Agostino Momentum C4 Preamplifier. This innovative technology improves the performance and

and precision of the entire platform and guarantees an intense listening experience, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

The basis for consistently robust performance is a power supply driven by a customised toroidal transformer with an output of 750 VA, which is supported by a phalanx of capacitors with 25.000 μF.

From the phono preamplifier to HDMI with eARC

The new D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier is particularly flexible when it comes to interfaces, because in addition to an unbalanced input designed as a pair of RCA sockets, which conceals a phono preamp for drives fitted with MM cartridges as well as MC cartridges, there are three balanced inputs designed as XLRs. One of these can be configured as a Hone Theatre Pass Through and corresponding balanced preamplifier outputs are available.

As if that wasn’t enough, the D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier is also ideally equipped for digital sources, as it not only has an optical S/PDIF interface, but also, for the first time ever at Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems LLC, an HDMI port that can function as an eARC and is therefore ideally equipped for connection to a TV set. Accordingly, it also supports HDMI CEC for centralised control.

The D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier can be integrated into the network via an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet interface or WiFi, while a bidirectional Bluetooth remote control ensures convenient control, with the display showing exactly what is shown on the front panel.

Prices and availability

It is not yet clear when and at what price the new D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier will be available in this country. What is clear is that the new preamplifier will be available in the USA in August 2024 for US$ 15.000 in silver and black.

Getting to the point

Of course, the statement that it is an affordable stereo integrated amplifier is quickly put into perspective when you have to budget around US$ 15.000 for it, but in the case of the new D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier, which will be available at this price, it is actually the most affordable stereo integrated amplifier from Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems LLC. to date, which was first presented by developer legend Dan D’Agostino himself at the High-End 2024 in Munich.

PRODUCTD’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier
PriceUS$ 15.000,-
ManufacturerDan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems LLC.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Reference GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandAudio Reference GmbH
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