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Adam Audio – The new Adam Audio A-Series

According to Adam Audio, the specialist for active loudspeaker systems, the Adam Audio A-Series is a revolutionary new product line. According to the manufacturer, the new Adam Audio A-Series will replace the Adam Audio AX-Series.

With the Adam Audio A-Series, the successor of the highly successful Adam Audio AX-Series is ready, according to Adam Audio, the specialist for loudspeaker systems in the field of professional audio systems. The company from Berlin describes the Adam Audio A-Series as solutions that can offer a highly precise, transparent sound and thus fulfil their task as studio monitors in the best possible way. After all, there are five models that are now presented as the Adam Audio A-Series. Outstanding features of these solutions are the equipment with components known for Adam Audio, but also innovative possibilities such as a rotatable HPS waveguide, a control via software, including DSP-based signal processing for optimal adaptation to the individual room conditions.

Adam Audio – A specialist for professional solutions

Adam Audio sees itself as a company whose solutions are primarily used in professional environments, for example as studio monitors in the most diverse areas. Therefore, the company’s primary goal is to develop systems that function as unmistakable tools to guarantee users a precise performance.

For years, the company has relied on the latest technologies and sophisticated concepts, can point to a variety of remarkable developments, and attaches great importance to the highest quality standards.

Five Models – Adam Audio A4V, Adam Audio A7V, Adam Audio A44H, Adam Audio A77H and Adam Audio A8H

As described, Adam Audio is now offering five models as the new Adam Audio A-Series. According to the Berlin-based company, this is intended to cover a particularly broad spectrum of different applications.

Of course, the solutions of the new Adam Audio A-Series are primarily seen in studios, whereby the possibilities of the systems range from home studios to professional studios for music, film and multimedia productions. Beyond that, however, the home audio segment is also to be addressed, after all, more and more hi-fi enthusiasts like to rely on active loudspeaker systems.

The field of application should range from classic stereo to surround applications, even including immersive audio and 3D surround.

Equipped for a wide range of tasks

The compact but powerful Adam Audio A4V, which according to the manufacturer is ideally suited for smaller studio environments, is the first of these. The Adam Audio A7V has a very special task, because it is supposed to continue the success story of Adam Audio’s most famous monitor system, the Adam Audio A7X. With the other three new monitors, the company even wants to open up new horizons in this price range, Adam Audio says promisingly. The Adam Audio A44H, for example, is an alternative to the Adam Audio A7V with a particularly low profile and similar performance characteristics. A special feature here is the width, which corresponds exactly to 19 inches and thus allows the Adam Audio A44H to be placed horizontally in a standard rack. Mounting above or below a screen is also possible.

As an advanced successor to the Adam Audio A77X, the Berliners call the Adam Audio A77H, which is designed as a three-way system and – according to the company – makes use of the specialist’s latest technologies to deliver a rich, spacious and comprehensive sound. Last but not least, the top model of the new Adam Audio A-Series is available in the form of the Adam Audio A8H, which is also a three-way system and delivers an extremely precise and analytical sound. This makes this solution particularly suitable for critical listening situations, where an unmistakable tool is of utmost importance.

Adam Audio X-ART Tweeter with Rotatable HPS Waveguide

A truly outstanding feature of the new Adam Audio A-Series is to be found in the tweeter of the active loudspeaker systems, because not only does one rely on the Adam Audio X-ART tweeter, but also on a rotatable HPS waveguide.

According to the company, this HPS waveguide is made of a new fibreglass polymer material and is supposed to ensure a precisely directed sound radiation.

The manufacturer refers to a wide horizontal dispersion and a focussed vertical dispersion, whereby the dispersion can be controlled by rotating the tweeter by 90° or 180° to guarantee optimum results at the listening position.

Double-sided flow-optimised bass reflex systems

A very important aspect of the speakers of the new Adam Audio A-Series is also the bass reflex system used, whereby the manufacturer himself speaks of double-sided, flow-optimised bass reflex openings.

This is supposed to guarantee that the bass reflex systems work extremely effectively on the one hand, but that no sound-damaging flow noise occurs on the other.

DSP-based Signal Processing and Automatic Room Adjustment

Adam Audio is particularly proud of the fact that the speaker systems of the new Adam Audio A-Series can be optimally adapted to the individual room conditions at any time. For this purpose, the company relies on DSP-based signal processing including automatic room adaptation, which was developed in cooperation with Sonarworks.

Adam Audio A Control Software

A very important point here is, of course, how the user can actually use all these adjustment possibilities, and for this purpose the Adam Audio A Control Software is available in the new Adam Audio A-Series.

With the help of this Adam Audio A Control Software, direct access is possible in real time via the network, whereby this is available free of charge for Apple macOS as well as Microsoft Windows to all users who register their Adam Audio A-Series products. This software offers the possibility to use six parametric equalizers and low and high shelf filters. Each filter band can be adjusted in terms of gain, frequency and quality to give complete freedom in optimising the sound of the speaker in the room, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

With the help of this software, it is possible to control all parameters in a very convenient and practical way, because one does not act “blindly”, but always makes all adjustments directly in the sweet spot of the speakers.

Of course, this software also plays an important role in the aforementioned room correction, because calibration curves generated with SoundID Reference can be imported and transferred to the DSP of the Adam Audio A-Series studio monitors. If this option is activated, the calibration takes place directly on the loudspeaker and no additional VSTs or software applications are required any more. This also means that audio playback always takes place with Sonarworks calibration, regardless of the sound source or playback device, according to the manufacturer’s statements.

It should also be mentioned that for optimal adaptation to the acoustic environment, a 4-band equaliser with the parameters “Bass”, “Desk”, “Presence” and “Treble” can be found on the back of each speaker system of the Adam Audio A-Series.

Prices and availability

According to the distributor, the first models of the new Adam Audio A-Series should be available as early as May 2022. Full availability can probably be expected from June 2022. The Adam Audio A4V will start at € 449, followed by the Adam Audio A7V with a recommended retail price of € 699. The Adam Audio A44H will cost € 649 and the Adam Audio A77H € 1,299. Last but not least, the Adam Audio A8H is priced at € 1.599,-.

For the models of the Adam Audio A-Series the manufacturer grants a warranty of five years after registration.

Getting to the point

It’s a great legacy that the new Adam Audio A-Series models take on, as they succeed the Adam Audio AX-Series. The solutions of the new Adam Audio A-series are intended especially for users in the semi-pro and pro audio sector, but can probably also convince many a hi-fi enthusiast who relies on particularly precise active monitoring systems. This is exactly what the systems from Adam Audio GmbH are supposed to stand out for, whereby the new rotatable HPS waveguide of the Adam Audio X-ART tweeter as well as the DSP-based signal processing including room correction and the Adam Audio A Control Software are to be mentioned as essential features of the new models.

PriceAdam Audio A4V € 449,- 
Adam Audio A7V € 699,-
Adam Audio A44H € 649,- 
Adam Audio A77H € 1.299,-
Adam Audio A8H € 1.599,-
ManufacturerAdam Audio GmbH
Distribution AustriaKS Music
Distribution GermanyHörzone GmbH
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