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Yamaha YH-E700B - Bluetooth 5.2, Advanced Active Noise Canceling and Listening Optimizer

With the new Yamaha YH-E700B, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is now introducing the latest Bluetooth headphones, which can come up with Bluetooth 5.2, Advanced Active Noise Canceling and Listening Optimizer.

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  • With a number of outstanding features, the new Yamaha YH-E700B should stand out as a particularly high-quality solution for music on the go.

The latest technology in a new design is how Yamaha Music Europe GmbH announces the new Yamaha YH-E700B over-ear headphones, a solution designed to provide the perfect sound on the go. The latest Bluetooth technology, Advanced Active Noise Cancelling and Listening Optimizer, all this and more, are designed to guarantee the finest sound in the most diverse situations.

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH assures that the Yamaha YH-E700B will also offer a particularly elegant appearance, high-quality materials and the best possible wearing comfort.

Latest technology in a new design

According to Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, the new Yamaha YH-E700B is a worthy successor to its predecessor, the Yamaha YH-E700A. The most striking innovation is the completely revised design, whereby these over-ear headphones are offered in a choice of black or beige finishes.

Particular emphasis is placed on the high-quality workmanship, using materials that are designed for durability and guarantee a high level of wearing comfort at all times.

Soft, oval-shaped ear pads are mentioned here, as well as a softly padded temple on the inside, which develops a sufficiently high contact pressure for a reliable hold, without pressing even after hours of use.

Yamaha True Sound

The new Yamaha YH-E700B naturally also follow the Yamaha True Sound strategy that the Japanese company has been pursuing for years, whereby the focus here is first and foremost on 40 mm drivers that are supposed to guarantee a sound that is true to the original.

It is also essential that the housing is designed in such a way that the airflow generated by the drivers is always optimally controlled, which is essential for distortion-free reproduction.

The aforementioned ear pads are also an essential component, as they must ensure optimal sealing, even though they do not rely solely on passive shielding from ambient noise.

Advanced Active Noise Cancelling and Yamaha Listening Optimizer for unadulterated music enjoyment

The new Yamaha YH-E700B Advance Active Noise Cancelling, in short, guarantees unadulterated music enjoyment at all times. The manufacturer promises that this is particularly effective, but that the original signal is reproduced unaltered.

The so-called Listening Optimizer plays an important role in this, a technology that is supposed to guarantee a performance specially adapted to the user and thus the best possible results.

According to Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, everyone’s ears are shaped differently, so sound is perceived completely differently, especially when listening to music through headphones. Yamaha Listening Optimizer is designed to compensate for these differences, which result from the individual shape of the ears, in order to reproduce music exactly as it was produced.

This is achieved by using several internal microphones to continuously measure even the smallest changes in listening conditions. The main focus here is on how the over-ear headphones seal according to the individual ear shape and how much air can escape. As a result, the reproduction is optimised in real time to ensure that the sound is as close as possible to the original source and to guarantee the best possible sound.

As the Yamaha Listening Optimizer works hand in hand with Advanced Active Noise Cancelling, particularly accurate results are achieved.

Yamaha Listening Care Technology

A very special feature is the Yamaha Listening Care Technology, which guarantees a particularly well-balanced sound even at low volumes. Here, too, the playback is automatically adjusted to the respective situation, and in a much more sophisticated way than would be possible with simple equalisers. The resulting significantly lower levels protect the user’s hearing, even during longer listening sessions. The engineers at Yamaha Corporation were able to draw on their experience with DSP algorithms in the AV segment, such as the Yamaha YPAO Volume Technology.

Signal transmission via Bluetooth 5.2

For signal transmission, the new Yamaha YH-E700B uses a Bluetooth module from the specialist Qualcomm Inc. that complies with the Bluetooth 5.2 standard and thus guarantees a particularly reliable signal connection at low power.

In addition to the lossy codecs SBC and AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive are also supported, which means that signals can even be transmitted with hi-res audio, provided the source device allows it. By the way, the dedicated gaming mode is supposed to achieve a particularly low latency, which guarantees a lip-synchronous performance even when playing back movies.

The integrated battery, which is supposed to guarantee a playing time of up to 32 hours, is charged via USB-C, whereby a corresponding cable – USB-A to USB-C – is part of the scope of delivery. It should also be mentioned that the Yamaha YH-E700B can also be used very simply via a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack. This cable is also included in the scope of delivery of the headphones, as is a transport case.

Individual tuning with the help of the Yamaha Headphone Control App

Finally, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH naturally has a suitable app for the new Yamaha YH-E700B, namely the Yamaha Headphone Control App, which is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

With this app, all functions of the over-ear headphones can be configured in a very versatile way according to individual requirements.

Prices and availability

As already mentioned, the new Yamaha YH-E700B comes in a choice of black or beige. Both versions should be available in specialist shops within the next few days. The recommended retail price is € 349,-.

Getting to the point

The new Yamaha YH-E700B is an over-ear headphone that uses Bluetooth 5.2 and the SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive codecs, with features such as detailed drivers and Advanced Active Noise Cancelling and Yamaha Listening Optimizer for fine sound on the move. Yamaha Music Europe GmbH refers to this as a further solution in the personal audio segment that is entirely in keeping with the Yamaha True Sound philosophy and is the successor to the Yamaha YH-E700A.

Price€ 349,-
ManufacturerYamaha Corporation
DistributionYamaha Music Europe GmbH
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