Harman Kardon cooperates with Volkswagen - Harman Kardon Premium Sound System in the VW ID.7

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  • Drivers of the VW ID.7, which Volkswagen designed together with Harman Kardon, should be able to enjoy a completely new sound experience.

For Harman International Industries, the automotive sector is of course immensely important, and the company is delighted to be able to cooperate with Volkswagen on the new VW ID.7. The new all-electric vehicle from Volkswagen AG is equipped with an in-car entertainment system from Harman Kardon.

Harman International Industries is convinced that the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System in the VW ID.7 will offer a completely new sound experience at the highest level.

State-of-the-art technologies and outstanding design

Of course, it is not only the technology that is decisive in the automotive sector when it comes to in-car entertainment systems; the best possible integration into the vehicle is just as important. Harman International Industries, for example, talks about the new Harman Kardon Premium Sound System for the VW ID.7 as a solution that, on the one hand, can rely on the latest technologies, especially in the field of DSP-based signal processing, amplifiers and, last but not least, loudspeaker systems, but that also offers an outstanding design in order to fit seamlessly into the vehicle interior.

A new chapter in the long collaboration with Volkswagen

According to Harman International Industries, it is a new chapter in the extremely successful partnership with Volkswagen that is now being opened. Building on years of collaboration on vehicles such as the VW Golf, VW Passat and VW Tiguan, the new VW ID.7 will be Volkswagen’s first all-electric sedan for Europe, and will be equipped with a state-of-the-art Harman Kardon Premium Sound System. With this collaboration, Volkswagen and Harman Kardon once again aim to raise the bar for the full enjoyment of music while driving.

“Harman Kardon and Volkswagen have once again combined their expertise to deliver the best in driving and listening experience. Harman Kardon’s acoustic engineers worked hand-in-hand with the Volkswagen design team to create a sound system that perfectly matches Volkswagen’s first all-electric sedan.”

Greg Sikora, Senior Director, Global Acoustic Systems Engineering at Harman International Industries

Based on Fraunhofer Sonamic Panorama Algorithm

The audio system relies on a 16-channel setup with 14 speaker systems, including a subwoofer and an explicit centre speaker. The signal processing has a special feature: the so-called Fraunhofer Sonamic Panorama Algorithm is used, with four different sound modes to ensure an optimal performance with the highest precision and naturalness. The result is a truly exciting and high-quality driving and listening experience for driver and passenger alike, Harman International Industries promises.

The VW ID.7’s Harman Kardon Premium Sound System also features Harman Sound Focus Seat Optimisation Technology, which allows specific seats to be highlighted for the best listening experience, either for all seats, front seat only, driver only or rear seat only.

Getting to the point

It is a continuation of a very successful partnership between Harman Kardon and Volkswagen, says Harman International Industries about the development of the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System in the new VW ID.7, which they believe will set new standards and deliver a particularly immersive sound experience for both driver and passengers.

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