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XOUNTS sound system – first-class sound and extraordinary design

When describing the XOUNTS sound system from the Hamburg-based company XOUNTS GmbH, the term "lifestyle system" is used deliberately rather than "simple consumer electronics solution". It combines first-class sound with aesthetic design, creating a unique experience in any room.

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  • XOUNTS GmbH describes the XOUNTS sound system as a unique fusion of music and design based on sophisticated technology.

The market offers a number of special audio systems that do not fit into the usual classifications. These undoubtedly include the products developed and manufactured by the Hamburg-based company XOUNTS GmbH. XOUNTS Soundsystem is the almost understated name of a solution that can be understood as a lifestyle system, representing a unique fusion of music and design.

With the XOUNTS sound system, the company offers a solution that can be understood as a sound sculpture that fits seamlessly into any living environment and, according to the manufacturer, creates a unique experience for music lovers and design enthusiasts.

XOUNTS GmbH – a success story from Hamburg

The company XOUNTS GmbH was founded by Oliver Richter and Frank Otto in 2010, with Richter stating that his passion for music and design led him to develop the XOUNTS sound system.

“TS is more than just a speaker. It is a lifestyle product that appeals to the senses and awakens emotions. Our customers love to enjoy their favourite music in a room that is as unique as they are.”

Oliver Richter, CEO XOUNTS GmbH

XOUNTS sound system – more than just a speaker

The developer’s intention was to create a solution with the XOUNTS sound system that is much more than just a loudspeaker. According to the company from Hamburg, the aim was to make a statement with this product.

For example, the decision was made to rely on the shape of an obelisk, which alone makes the XOUNTS sound system a real eye-catcher in any room, as it measures 102,5 cm in height, 39 cm in width and also 39 cm in depth. This makes it 6,5 kg in weight.

The complete electronics are housed in the base, which also contains all the connections for the XOUNTS sound system.

360° sound thanks to flat membrane technology

From a purely technical point of view, the XOUNTS sound system is, of course, an active speaker, which relies on a patented flat membrane technology based on the principle of bending wave transducers. The manufacturer is convinced that this technology provides a sound body that radiates in all directions, thus guaranteeing a very harmonious, 360° room-filling performance. This is supported at the bottom by an additional 16,6 cm woofer and a bass reflex system. According to the data sheet, this allows a frequency range between 35 Hz and 22 kHz to be reproduced.

The electronics rely on a particularly effective Class D amplifier, namely a 2.1-channel amplifier module.

Modular design for maximum flexibility

What is remarkable about the XOUNTS sound system is that the manufacturer has opted for a modular concept, with a view to how the system can be integrated into a wide range of environments.
In the basic configuration, there is initially only one analogue input in the form of a 3,5 mm stereo mini jack and a USB 2.0 port in the form of a USB-A for corresponding storage media. There is also an analogue output, which is also designed as a 3,5 mm stereo mini jack.

The connection panel also offers a volume control and tone control.

Would you like Bluetooth?

The XOUNTS Bluetooth module, which is part of the so-called Starter Package, allows you to stream directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0. This module is built directly into the device and connected to the corresponding audio input using a 3,5 mm stereo mini jack cable.

Of course, Bluetooth not only allows you to stream your own content directly from your smartphone or tablet, but also gives you direct access to dozens of streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL, Qobuz, Amazon Music or Apple Music, all you need is the respective app. Internet radio and podcasts are also available.

Combine up to eight systems

The company’s accessories shop also offers an XOUNTS Streaming Transmitter and an XOUNTS Streaming Receiver, which can be used to connect up to eight systems. These solutions also disappear directly into the devices and are therefore not visible from the outside.

The style it takes…

The XOUNTS sound system is available in a basic configuration in a discreet white or in white with black accents. However, countless so-called style covers are available on request, with a wide range of different design variants.

The spectrum ranges from simple, elegant natural tones of the XOUNTS Essential Style Cover Edition to contemporary art and covers created in cooperation with artists, interestingly enough with a clear preference for metal…

When a light goes on…

Another outstanding feature of the XOUNTS sound system is that an LED light can be integrated into the base, which is an E26 lamp socket.

The Hamburg-based company also includes a matching LED bulb in the XOUNTS Soundsystem Starter Package bundle. However, that’s only half the fun, because the store also has a so-called XOUNTS WiFi LED Bulb, which can be used to select a wide range of colour moods using an app on your smartphone.

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned at this point that solutions from Signify’s Philips HUE brand are also available as an extension if you own such a system.

Prices and availability

The XOUNTS sound system can be ordered directly from the Hamburg-based company XOUNTS GmbH, with the offer starting at € 589,- for the XOUNTS Sound System Starter Package Bundle mentioned above. This includes the Bluetooth module and an LED lamp.

You can also put together your own individual system using the configuration tool, and the online store also offers a wheel trolley, a party bag and a raincoat, in addition to the accessories mentioned above.

Getting to the point

The Hamburg-based company XOUNTS GmbH describes its XOUNTS sound system as a solution that offers a unique combination of wireless sound, atmospheric lighting and outstanding design, and as a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any living environment. In fact, it is an elegant active speaker system in the form of an obelisk, which relies on so-called flat panel speakers in combination with an integrated subwoofer, driven by a Class D amplifier module. A modular concept ensures flexibility, allowing the use of Bluetooth and various streaming solutions.

Priceab € 589,-
ManufacturerXOUNTS GmbH
Distribution AustriaXOUNTS GmbH
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