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Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier

Until now, the Violectric brand has stood for fine headphone amplifiers, but now they want to make a splash in another product area, namely that of phono preamplifiers. Lake People electronic GmbH presents a very special phono preamplifier, the Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier.

The new Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier is designed to offer maximum flexibility for the highest demands. Lake People electronic GmbH, the company behind the Violectric brand, wants to come up with outstanding solutions in the field of phono preamplifiers.

It is quite understandable that the company has set itself such ambitious goals in this area, since it has to survive in a market that has long been fiercely competitive. And the developers at Lake Constance are hardly lacking in experience, which equips the company perfectly for this.

35 years of experience in the development of professional studio solutions

Lake People electronic GmbH, based in Konstanz, Germany, has 35 years of experience in the development of professional studio solutions. First and foremost, the company develops headphone amplifiers, microphone preamplifiers and, last but not least, D/A converters.

Apart from the latter product category, it is quite obvious that this expertise is also used for a very similar product class, namely a phono preamplifier.

And since Violectric was introduced as a brand explicitly designed for the upmarket consumer segment, it is obvious to push the phono preamplifier segment under this brand.

Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier with uncompromising signal fidelity

As already mentioned, the bar has been set deliberately high, the new Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier is supposed to be a solution that offers nothing less than uncompromising signal fidelity.

The phono preamplifier offers a signal fidelity that is also used in modern high-end recording studios. According to the manufacturer, the DC-coupled input stage with cascaded bipolar transistors stands for highest bandwidth, lowest distortion and incorruptible transient reproduction. At a gain of up to 66 dB, the signal-to-noise ratio reaches an outstanding 143 dB. This is the limit of what is technically possible.

One for all – Six individual phono inputs

No less than six individual phono inputs are available on Violectric’s new phono preamplifier, the first three being balanced XLRs, the others unbalanced RCA sockets.

Each input can be configured for either MM or MC cartridge systems, with seven selectable input impedances for MC cartridges and eight different capacities for MM systems. For optimal interaction with subsequent components, the V790 offers a boost function. A clip LED warns of overloads in the internal signal path. If desired, a subsonic filter at 20 Hz with 12 dB per octave protects against unwanted low-frequency signal components and ensures clean bass reproduction. With all this flexibility, everyday operation is kept as simple as possible. All settings can be saved individually for each input, so that after the initial set-up, you can devote yourself entirely to the music and also experiment at any time.

Not only RIAA equalisation

Of course, the Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier offers RIAA equalisation first and foremost, but it is also equipped for playing old vinyl treasures with the most diverse equalisation curves. No matter which equalisation is chosen – NAB or Columbia – they are all fully analogue and deliver highest accuracy at the push of a button. The deviation of all three equalisations is a maximum of 0.1 dB.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs

On the output side, you can of course also choose between unbalanced and balanced signal routing. Accordingly, XLR as well as RCA connections are available here.

The new Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2021. The recommended retail price is stated at € 3,990.

Getting to the point

Lake People electronic GmbH has really taken on great things for the vinyl sector with the Violectric brand and therefore delivers a true reference solution with the new Violectric PPA V790 Premium Balanced Phono Preamplifier. Apart from promising signal processing at the limit of what is technically feasible, this phono preamplifier shines with impressive flexibility. No less than six pick-up systems can be connected here, so that even the most extensive configurations can be operated without any problems with optimal settings at all times.

Manufacturer:Lake People
Distribution:cma audio GmbH
Price:Violectric DHA V590 PRO € 3.990,-
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