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Yamaha AVENTAGE Series – Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A4A and Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A6A

With the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A4A and Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A6A, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is launching the latest generation of the Yamaha AVENTAGE Series. This is intended to provide a new reference in home cinema, especially with regard to immersive home entertainment.

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is once again setting new standards with the presentation of the new Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A4A and Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A6A network AV receivers, which herald the current generation of the Yamaha AVENTAGE series.

According to the manufacturer, these two models represent the new reference class for immersive home entertainment.


Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is using a number of superlatives to characterise the new Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A4A and Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A6A models, in different areas.

They promise to be a new reference in design and performance, to enable customised home cinema, and to provide state-of-the-art format diversity based on digital reference technology, a 3D audio experience with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D with crystal-clear sound.

Yamaha AVENTAGE Series has always been unique

This characterisation comes as no surprise, as the Yamaha AVENTAGE Series has always been regarded as one of the most exclusive systems in the AV segment, setting new standards. And that’s exactly how they intend to keep it with the latest generation.

Reference in Design and Performance

The simple yet elegant design of Yamaha’s new AVENTAGE series blends seamlessly into modern living environments, while elegantly hinting at its inner reference qualities. A central volume control, together with the newly developed high-resolution LCD display, jog wheel and touch-sensitive buttons, ensure intuitive operation. As if that wasn’t enough, the home cinema centres can also be controlled using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the Yamaha MusicCast app.

The name AVENTAGE has always been synonymous with absolute cutting-edge technology from Yamaha, and the new models once again set new standards: the latest HDMI standards, state-of-the-art digital signal processors and the audio circuits of the best hi-fi components ensure unprecedented gaming, home cinema and music experiences.

  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A 01
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A 04
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A 03
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A 02

Home cinema made to measure

The new Yamaha AVENTAGE Series from Yamaha provides the right high-end control centre for every demanding home cinema. In addition to FM and DAB radio, extensive wireless playback options and multiple digital and analogue audio interfaces, the RX-A4A and RX-A6A models feature seven latest-generation HDMI inputs. For audiophiles, there’s also a phono input.

Modern audio formats offer endless possibilities for installations of any size, and Yamaha makes a significant contribution to this flexibility with the Yamaha RX-A4A (7.2 channels / 135 watts each) and Yamaha RX-A6A (9.2 channels; 11 channel processing / 150 watts each). All devices are compatible with Yamaha MusicCast, the innovative multi-room solution from Yamaha, and can also control streaming speakers from the manufacturer with high quality – simply at the touch of a button via the Yamaha MusicCast app.

State-of-the-art format diversity

All seven HDMI inputs of Yamaha’s new AVENTAGE generation comply with the latest HDMI standard. New chips are used that are fully compatible with the latest HDMI standard. Thus, after an upcoming firmware update, video resolutions of 4k up to 120Hz and 8k up to 60Hz will be supported.

For a fascinating gaming experience, Yamaha’s new AV receivers are equipped on the hardware side for modern technologies such as ALLM (Auto-Low Latency),VRR(Variable Refresh Rate),QMS (Quick Media Switching) and QFT (Quick Frame Transport), which will be available after a firmware update.

Experience 3D audio with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X – and Auro-3D!

Thanks to the Qualcomm QCS407 Smart Audio Platform, immersive surround formats such as Dolby Atmos with Height Visualisation and DTS:X are fully automated and accurately delivered to speaker setups of any size.

But that’s not all: for the first time, the new Yamaha RX-A6A receiver also supports the popular Auro-3D format, which has been requested by many customers and will be made available via a firmware update. This allows home cinema enthusiasts to experience the full range of object-based 3D audio!

  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 03
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 01
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 04
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 02

Crystal clear sound

As the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments, Yamaha has always been conscious of its responsibility to provide the very best sound, and the analogue audio circuitry of the new Yamaha AVENTAGE Series A/V receivers has been significantly improved once again. The slew rate of the power amplifiers has been halved compared to previous models, without sacrificing signal stability.

As a result, the new amplifier blocks deliver the same fascinating richness of detail as the multi-channel power amplifier flagship Yamaha MX-A5200.

Generously oversized mains transformers with even further increased capacitor capacities also ensure an extremely stable power supply even with demanding signals, so that the new AVENTAGE AV receivers never run out of breath even during heroic movie epics and bass-boosting gaming performances. The balanced power amplifier design of the Yamaha RX-A4A and Yamaha RX-A6A models, with the power supply placed in the centre and the amplifier blocks placed to the side, has been taken directly from Yamaha’s high-end hi-fi components for even further improved signal integrity.

“The first flagship of our AVENTAGE series already set standards when it was released in 2010. The current generation has been redesigned from the ground up, exceeding all previous expectations of the sound quality possible from an AV receiver.”

Yoshi Tsugawa, Senior General Manager, Home Audio Division, Yamaha Corporation

Massive enclosures with enhanced A.R.T. wedge technology

Sophisticated audiophile circuitry can only reach its full potential in a resonance-free environment. Yamaha has already taken this into account in the previous Yamaha AVENTAGE models with the pioneering A.R.T. Wedge technology and introduced a fifth device foot to minimise resonance.

In the development of the new AVENTAGE series, the A.R.T Wedge principle was further perfected with the aid of computer-aided vibration simulations. For example, the RX-A4A and RX-A6A now feature an additional foot at the front, which, together with the innovative H-frame enclosure and the additional decoupling of the power transformer, ensures an even more relaxed sound image.

The Yamaha RX-A6A receiver also features the same double-bottomed enclosure as the flagship Yamaha RX-A8A, so even when the nine power amplifier channels are working at full capacity, it still achieves a relaxed sound image at the highest level.

  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A und Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 01 1
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A und Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 02 1
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A und Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 03 1
  • Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A4A und Yamaha AVENTAGE RX A6A 04 1

Digital reference technologies

The latest generation of Yamaha AVENTAGE Series brings digital players to life with the utmost precision.
The Yamaha RX-A4A relies on the outstanding ESS SABRE 9007 Premier Audio DAC, while the Yamaha RX-A6A converts its main channels (except Presence channels) via the ESS ES9026 Pro with its 32-bit Hyperstream technology.

While Yamaha’s AVENTAGE series has always been synonymous with immersive, cutting-edge technology, the new models deliver even more immersive 3D soundscapes. The 64-bit Qualcomm QCS407 quad-core chip not only ensures precise positioning of objects in virtual space, but also provides more than enough processing power for the latest signal processing algorithms from Yamaha’s development labs.

Artificial intelligence for immersive sound experiences

The Qualcomm QCS407 also serves as the basis for Yamaha’s groundbreaking Surround:AI technology. This algorithm analyses all audio signals with the help of artificial intelligence.

It recognises speech, music and film sounds fully automatically, optimises their reproduction in the surround field and thus brings the authentic sound of the film mixing studio directly into the living room at home. Yamaha YPAO 3D, Yamaha’s innovative automatic calibration system, has also been redesigned for the new AVENTAGE sound wonders.

Yamaha YPAO 3D offers a multipoint measurement that also takes into account the height and angle of the individual speakers, enabling even more meticulous room adjustment. For accurate bass reproduction even in problematic rooms, the developers have also developed a new low-frequency mode that also includes the important decay phases in the frequency range between 15.6 and 200 Hz in the measurement and effectively reduces room modes.

According to the manufacturer, the new network AV receivers from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH will be available from specialist dealers from July 2021.

The Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A4A is priced at €1,599, while the Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A6A has a recommended retail price of € 2,599.

Getting to the point

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is now presenting a completely new product generation with the new Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A4A and Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A6A models, which naturally continue the proven tradition of the Yamaha AVENTAGE series in the most modern form. Once again, reference solutions are offered here that are equipped for all eventualities in a home cinema and thus address even film lovers with the highest demands.

Manufacturer:Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Distribution:Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Price:Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A4A € 1.599,-
Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A6A € 2.599,-
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