Vertere Sabre – New high-end MM cartridge

With a sophisticated design and the highest manufacturing standards, the new Vertere Sabre pick-up system is said to stand out, which the English analogue specialist Verere Limited describes as a new high-end MM cartridge.

Touraj Moghaddam, founder and chief developer of Vertere Limited, now introduces the new Vertere Sabre, which the British call a new high-end moving magnet system. Thanks to a sophisticated design and the highest manufacturing standards, it is said to provide a distinctly musical reproduction.

The new pick-up system is positioned between the Vertere Magneto, also designed as an MM cartridge, and the MC cartridge Vertere Mystic.

Vertere Sabre designed as a high-end MM pick-up system

MM pick-up systems do not always enjoy the best reputation, and Vertere Limited is aware of this fact. These solutions are often dismissed as products for beginners; for demanding vinyl enthusiasts, only MC cartridge systems are considered, according to the prevailing opinion.

The reason for this is that many MM cartridge systems are indeed designed for beginners, and some are offered at particularly low prices. It is obvious that the quality is not always the best, after all, due to the continuing vinyl hype, a very broad market wants to be served.

However, there are also models with outstanding features, and the new Vertere Sabre is clearly one of them.

MC cartridges not always the best choice

If you own a turntable equipped with an MM cartridge system and want to raise it to the next level of quality, you don’t necessarily have to go for an MC cartridge system. Especially if the other peripherals are not equipped for this.

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According to Vertere Limited, an MC cartridge requires special phono preamplifiers, and amplifier systems with integrated phono preamplifiers are often designed for MM cartridges alone.

The new Vertere Sabre has been developed with this target group in mind, to allow users to upgrade their turntables without having to invest in a new phono preamplifier.

Technical features

The new Vertere Sabre has an aluminium housing, which is presented in a striking orange colour. The enclosure mass and the generator have been optimally matched to reduce resonances. A generator system with Alnico magnet and individually optimised suspension and positioning is used to increase performance.

The generator is mounted in the cabinet using four torque-optimised spike screws, so no adhesives are used.

The Vertere Sabre features a 7.5 x 15.5 μm micro-elliptical diamond needle grind for high pickup without loss of high-frequency energy or increased pickup noise, and a telescopic needle carrier is used for high stability and rigidity.

The cabinet features threads to accept the stainless steel thumbscrews and three contact points on the top to ensure optimal coupling of the pick-up system to the headshell of the tonearm. In addition, there is a shoulder on the front of the cabinet for optimal alignment especially with tonearms from Vertere Acoustics.

The frequency response of the new Vertere Sabre is given by the manufacturer as 15 Hz to over 25 kHz, the output voltage is 4.0 mV for authentic dynamics as well as tonal depth and precision.

The manufacturer recommends 47 kOhm and 100 to 220 pF as settings for the phono preamplifier, values that are usually offered by phono preamplifiers.

The company specifies a tracking force of 1.9 to 2.1 g for the Vertere Sabre, which means that exactly 2.0 g is ideal.

Designed for versatility

Vertere Limited believes that in the extreme world of high-end hi-fi, some designers push a single parameter so far that the others hardly come into play. The resulting products often cause a sensation because they polarise, according to the company’s assessment.

For Touraj Moghaddam, this approach is out of the question, they explicitly state. He rather pursues the approach that a hi-fi system should not only make certain music genres sound good, but should provide high listening pleasure with as many recordings as possible. The new Vertere Sabre corresponds exactly to this intention.

The new MM pick-up system Vertere Sabre is available immediately from specialised dealers. The recommended retail price is € 1,148.

Getting to the point

The new Vertere Sabre, which the manufacturer Vertere Limited describes as a true high-end MM cartridge, should prove to be an alternative to many an MC cartridge system. This should offer vinyl lovers the possibility to raise a turntable equipped with an MM cartridge system to a completely new level of quality without having to budget for a new phono preamplifier.

Manufacturer:Vertere Limited
Distribution:Beat Audio GmbH
Price:€ 1.148,-
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