Vertere Tempo – New motor control from Vertere Acoustics

With the Vertere Tempo, Vertere Acoustics offers a new motor control based on digital technology, which is now included in the scope of delivery of the record players Vertere RG-1 and Vertere SG-1, and can be retrofitted to the model Vertere MG-1.

The motor control is an essential component for the quality of a record player, so it is obvious that special attention is paid to it. Vertere Limited now offers the new Vertere Tempo for the Vertere RG-1 and Vertere SG-1 turntables.

This can also be retrofitted to the Vertere MG-1 model.

Vertere Tempo – Based on digital technology

The new Vertere Tempo motor control is based on digital technology, unlike the proven Vertere SG motor control, according to Vertere Acoustics. Although the Vertere SG is already an extremely accurate solution, Vertere Acoustics is convinced that the new Vertere Tempo offers even more precise control of the rotational speed and thus an even higher sound quality of vinyl music reproduction.

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Developed by Touraj Moghaddam

The new Vertere Tempo engine control system was developed by Touraj Moghaddam, the founder and chief developer of Vertere Acoustics. He is convinced that the music you hear when you listen to a record basically comes from the motor. The motor is the only source of energy in the “record player” system, the company states. The power coming from the motor drives the record groove past the scanning needle and thus produces the sound. Any fluctuation or disturbance of the drive has a negative effect on the music. The reproduction suffers in terms of detail, dynamics, timbre, timing and musicality.

The design

Much of the technology in the new Vertere Tempo is said to be borrowed from the manufacturer’s reference motor control, particularly what Vertere Acoustics says is innovative control circuitry.

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The new Vertere Tempo controls the turntable’s motor, it says, ensuring a smoother drive with less noise and distortion. As with the company’s reference motor control, the circuitry of the new Vertere Tempo is based on microprocessors. A digitally generated sine wave is converted via a D/A converter into analogue sine and cosine signals, which are amplified via two output stages connected in bridge.

Meticulous development work, a gold-plated circuit board, four regulated power supplies for the different sections and strictly selected components are to guarantee the absolutely stable drive of the motor. The digital, processor and converter circuits are shielded by copper foil. In addition, the entire circuit board is further protected from external influences by a stainless steel plate.

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Key features

Among the other essential features of the new Vertere Tempo, the company lists high-quality switches for mode selection, operation display and switching between the speed of 33 and 45 revolutions per minute. The company relies on a high-quality 7-pin connector for connecting the motor control and the record player via Pulse-R cables, and uses a connecting cable with Pulse-R wire for the motor drive and a D-Fi wire for the record player’s lighting.

The new Vertere Tempo presents itself in a solid metal housing with dimensions of 128 mm in width, 220 mm in depth, and 58 mm in height. Power is supplied by a 30 V DC plug-in power supply.

According to the distributor, the new Vertere Tempo is available immediately at a recommended retail price of € 3,598.

Getting to the point

The new Vertere Tempo motor control is supposed to significantly increase the quality of music reproduction from records and thus bring the sound of a Vertere RG-1 or Vertere SG-1 closer to the master. Compared to the Vertere SG, which has been offered so far, it should be possible to achieve a further significant increase in sound.

Manufacturer:Vertere Limited
Distribution:Beat Audio GmbH
Price:€ 3.598,-
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