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Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw Understand Feet

If you want to enjoy the optimal quality of a record player, it is crucial to set it up in the best possible way. This is guaranteed by the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw feet.

Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw feet, with this Vertere Limited wants to offer solutions optimised for the “analogue” section of its own portfolio, specifically the record player Vertere Acoustics DG-1 and the phono preamplifier Vertere Acoustics Phono-1. Of course, this new accessory product can also be used for other solutions.

The fact is that a record player in particular benefits immensely from an optimal set-up, and accessory solutions such as the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw stands can be of great service.

Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw feet for optimal decoupling

What is it all about? Well, it is obvious that a system as sensitive as a record player should be able to do its job as free as possible from external influences. Solutions that enable mechanical isolation are extremely practical aids in this regard. And this is exactly the task of the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw feet.

Special combination of different materials

Like so many solutions in this segment, the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw floor stands rely on a combination of several materials with different damping properties.

In this specific case, it is an acetal base with felt on the bottom and a hemisphere of Sorbothane on the top on which the unit is placed.

Set of three and four available

As mentioned above, the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw stands are designed for use with the Vertere Acoustics DG-1 record player and the Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 phono preamplifier. As a result, the company offers two versions of this solution, a set of three for the record player and a set of four for use with the phono preamplifier.

In the case of the Vertere Acoustics DG-1, the manufacturer promises improved low-frequency reproduction, clearer imaging of spatiality and higher dynamics.

  • Vertere Acoustics Iso paw 01
  • Vertere Acoustics Iso paw 07
  • Vertere Acoustics Iso paw 06
  • Vertere Acoustics Iso paw 05
  • Vertere Acoustics Iso paw 04
  • Vertere Acoustics Iso paw 03
  • Vertere Acoustics Iso paw 02

The Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 phono preamplifier is also said to benefit from the fact that vibrations that could be transmitted via the footprint do not occur and thus also have a positive effect on the sound quality.

Also suitable for other solutions

Of course, the manufacturer admits that the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw feet can also be used for solutions from other manufacturers.

Tests have shown that especially light and medium-weight equipment such as record players and phono preamplifiers, and sometimes other classes of equipment, benefit from the mechanical insulation. It is important to note that a Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw stand is designed for a load capacity of up to 2.5 kg.

According to Beat Audio GmbH, the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw stands will be available immediately from specialist dealers. The recommended retail price for the set of three is € 129,-, for the set of four € 159,-.

Getting to the point

Record players in particular benefit immensely from correct placement, free from external influences. Solutions such as the new Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw stands can be of great help here. The extent to which other systems in the hi-fi field benefit from this is a matter of controversial debate and, especially at such low prices, is best found out by listening to them.

Manufacturer:Vertere Limited
Distribution:Beat Audio GmbH
Price:Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw Dreierset € 129,-
Vertere Acoustics Iso-paw Viererset € 159,-

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