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Valco NL21 TWS Headphones – For the ears, and only the ears…

With the new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones, so-called True Wireless Headphones from the Finnish supplier Valco Ltd. are available. Once again, these are offered at a particularly attractive price.

Valco NL21 TWS Headphones, with these Valco Ltd. presents for the first time so-called True Wireless Headphones, i.e. in-ear headphones that do completely without cables. According to Valco, these are the little brothers of the extremely successful Valco VMK20 over-ear headphones, and just like them, the “little ones” are supposed to offer remarkable sound at a particularly attractive price.

Given the success of this tactic so far, it goes without saying that the new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones, like the other Valco solutions available so far, are marketed with appropriate humour.

We’re building a Death Star…

Valco has headlines like “We’re building a Death Star to take over the galaxy, and we need your money to do it”, and they’re not shy about calling themselves an evil company, but just a small evil company. That’s why customers should leave their money to the small evil company Valco Ltd rather than a big evil company.

And money that is not needed for the construction of the Death Star should be spent on beer and the maintenance of the ex-wife of Raimo Valconen, the supreme leader.

The videos with which Valco Ltd. products are eagerly promoted on social media platforms also give the impression that Aki Kaurismäki has a hand in the game, and one is virtually waiting for the Leningrad Cowboys to celebrate their comeback in the next scene.

In short, the company Valco Ltd. cultivates a typical Finnish kind of humour and doesn’t want to be taken too seriously, at least it gives the pleasant impression that it doesn’t always take itself too seriously.

However, the solutions of the company founded by Henri Heikkinnen together with Jani Rajaniemi are to be taken seriously because, as the Valco VMK20 impressively proves, they offer fine quality at a very attractive price.

Fine quality at an attractive price

This is exactly what is supposed to apply to the new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones, which the company is now presenting. The manufacturer claims to offer solutions with an outstanding price-performance ratio, openly relying on production in the Far East, but based on extensive sound tuning in Finland. The engineering is Chinese, the sound is 100 per cent Valco….

Countless hours have been spent perfecting the headphones with the aim of making music sound the way it should. There are no factory settings for such a thing, as Valco Ltd. states. Sound guru Jasse the Magnificent “Audio Bin Superman” is responsible for this.

Nevertheless, they can offer solutions that cost only half the price of headphones of similar brands.

Thousands of headphones on the market

There are thousands and thousands of headphones on the market, but the solutions from Valco Ltd. are different, including the new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones. They are not as fancy as some of the more expensive models, but they are the best you can afford with the little money you have, the manufacturer says literally.

  • Foto © Valco Ltd. | Valco NL21 TWS Headphones
  • Foto © Valco Ltd. | Valco NL21 TWS Headphones
  • Foto © Valco Ltd. | Valco NL21 TWS Headphones
  • Foto © Valco Ltd. | Valco NL21 TWS Headphones
  • Foto © Valco Ltd. | Valco NL21 TWS Headphones
  • Foto © Valco Ltd. | Valco NL21 TWS Headphones
  • Foto © Valco Ltd. | Valco NL21 TWS Headphones

Valco NL21 TWS Headphones – The Best for a Small Price

The new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones are in-ear headphones with a 6 mm driver and Bluetooth 5.0 signal transmission.

The design of the housing relies on a drop-like shape, which on the one hand allows easy handling and on the other hand ensures that the integrated antennas guarantee a reliable connection. Of course, the scope of delivery includes earplugs in at least three different sizes, so that the user can choose the ones that best suit him or her and a high level of wearing comfort is guaranteed while at the same time being securely held in the ear.

The Valco NL21 TWS headphones are IPX6 certified and therefore resistant to even adverse weather conditions when on the move.

Integrated microphones can of course be used to make phone calls via smartphone, and access to the voice control of the respective operating system is also possible, be it Apple Siri for Apple iOS, or Google Assistant for Google Android. Amazon Alexa can also be used if desired.

The earphones contain batteries with a capacity of 70 mAh, which, according to the manufacturer, is sufficient for a playing time of up to 7.5 hours. The transport case included in the scope of delivery also contains a battery that functions as a power bank with 540 mAh and allows two additional charges of the headphones. Charging the headphones should only take 1.5 hours, according to the manufacturer’s promise. The transport box is fully charged again after two hours on the mains. The transport case is charged via USB, of course, and a USB-C to USB-A cable is included in the scope of delivery.

And it wouldn’t be Valco Ltd. if they didn’t allow themselves a special safety note at the end of the product description.

“Note – The ear studs are, as the name suggests, for the ears only. Do not use them as sex toys or insert them into any orifices other than your ears. Please don’t. Seriously.”

Prices and availability

The new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones can already be ordered from the company’s website, although there may sometimes be delivery problems due to high demand. The price of the new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones is € 79, with the manufacturer promising free shipping for Europe. To the USA and other developing countries, the flat shipping rate is € 15, according to Valco Ltd.

Getting to the point

Valco Ltd. is different, deliberately different, that is the concept that this Finnish company based in Tampere has consistently pursued since the very beginning. This applies to the presentation of the company and its products as well as to the products themselves. Solutions such as the new Valco NL21 TWS Headphones are supposed to have a particularly attractive price-performance ratio, whereby it is stated in no uncertain terms that the solutions are based on Chinese engineering, but it is also emphasised that the sound is 100 per cent Valco.

Price€ 79,-
ManufacturerValco Ltd.
DistributionValco Ltd.
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