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Ultrasone iSAR – The first wireless ANC headphones from Ultrasone

For the first time, Ultrasone AG presents the new Ultrasone iSAR, over-ear headphones that do not require any cables at all and can therefore be described as wireless over-ear headphones. But that’s not all: this model features advanced hybrid ANC for undisturbed music enjoyment.

Ultrasone iSAR is the name of the headphone that is eagerly awaited by many lovers of solutions from Ultrasone AG. For the first time, a pair of wireless over-ear headphones is now available, designed primarily for the pleasurable enjoyment of music on the move.

And to ensure that this can always be done without interference in any environment, the new Ultrasone iSAR is equipped with advanced hybrid ANC, i.e. active noise cancellation.

According to Ultrasone AG, this means that the new Ultrasone iSAR delivers a gripping sound in every situation.

Ultrasone iSAR – A wireless ANC headphone with Ultrasone AG’s high standards

“How often have I been approached? How often did I say no? That’s over! The new Ultrasone iSAR is the first wireless noise-cancelling headphone that is an Ultrasone!”

Michael Willberg, CEO Ultrasone AG

From this statement alone, it is clear what has been known for years anyway. Ultrasone AG is considered a technology-driven company, for sure, after all, they can point to countless patents they have developed over the decades that make the company’s solutions so unique.

However, Ultrasone AG is also considered a manufacturer that observes the market very closely, but does not immediately react to every hype. Emerging trends must first prove to be long-term developments, new technologies must first prove to be reliable and real progress before they are implemented in Ultrasone AG brand solutions.

A tactic that clearly leads to success and not least ensures that Ultrasone AG is perceived as a reliable manufacturer of professional solutions in the studio environment and high-quality products in the hi-fi environment.

Based on decades of experience

The German manufacturer emphasises that the new Ultrasone iSAR is a solution based on more than 30 years of passion and experience in the development and production of headphones, and that the project for the first wireless ANC headphones from Ultrasone AG was realised together with strong partners.

Drivers with Ultrasone S-Logic Technology

How could it be otherwise, the new Ultrasone iSAR also features a driver with the patented Ultrasone S-Logic Technology. After all, this special driver concept and driver arrangement is the basis for what has distinguished headphones from Bavaria for years.

Ultrasone S-Logic Technology ensures, for example, that a particularly wide, spatial presentation is achieved, similar to reproduction via classic speaker systems. In addition, it ensures that a rich, detailed sound is achieved at significantly lower levels than with conventional designs, so that even long periods of use are possible without any problems and the user’s hearing is protected in the long term.

The driver of the new Ultrasone iSAR has a diameter of 40 mm and an impedance of 32 ohms, although the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range that can ultimately be achieved is determined by the type of signal transmission.

Bluetooth with Multi-point Technology

The signal transmission is, how could it be otherwise, via Bluetooth, whereby the new Ultrasone iSAR supports the so-called Multi-point Technology. This has the great advantage that the headphones can be connected to two source devices at the same time, such as a notebook and a smartphone. If a call comes in while listening to music from the notebook on the smartphone, you can switch seamlessly and make the call.

So it is also clear that the new Ultrasone iSAR naturally has integrated microphones to be used as a hands-free device. Voice assistants of the smartphone are also directly available, be it Google Assistant with Google Android, or Apple Siri with Apple iOS.

Hybrid ANC with Ambient Mode

Incidentally, the new Ultrasone iSAR has four microphones, which are not only supposed to deliver remarkable voice quality, but also form the basis for active noise cancellation.

The manufacturer promises an attenuation of ambient noise by -40 dB, so that undisturbed music enjoyment is guaranteed in any environment.

Once again, special mention must be made of the fact that ambient noise can also be deliberately allowed to pass through, for example when moving in traffic. Ultrasone AG calls this mode Ambient Mode.

Long battery life

The new Ultrasone iSAR is equipped with a 900 mAh battery, which is supposed to offer a playing time of no less than 35 hours, whereby this specification was even determined with maximum volume. The manufacturer specifies a standby time of 360 hours.

This means that you can use the new Ultrasone iSAR for days without having to plug it into the charger. You can even take it on a trip or two without a power supply in your luggage.

By the way, charging is via USB-C and it should also be mentioned that the new Ultrasone iSAR also has a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, so it can also be used passively.

Simple control via touch

Of course, all relevant functions can be controlled directly via the Ultrasone iSAR, using a touch sensor field on the outside of the ear cup.

This makes controlling playback and volume just as easy and intuitive as answering or ending phone calls.

Price and availability

The new Ultrasone iSAR can be pre-ordered directly on the Ultrasone AG website. Delivery is then scheduled for the end of January or beginning of February 2022. The recommended retail price is stated by the manufacturer at € 229.

Getting to the point

Good things… we know the well-tried saying, and this should also apply to the new Ultrasone iSAR. Ultrasone AG has deliberately taken its time to launch the first wireless over-ear headphones with integrated active noise cancellation. Only now do they consider the time to be ripe to realise such a product that can actually fully meet the high standards that the Bavarians set for themselves in this area.

Price€ 229,-
ManufacturerUltrasone AG
DistributionUltrasone AG
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