We. by Loewe – New brand at Loewe with We. SEE and We. HEAR

The new We. by Loewe brand is intended to stand for innovative, functional and intuitive products, addressing a completely new target group for TV and audio products, according to the German company Loewe Technology GmbH.

We. by Loewe, the German company Loewe Technology GmbH is launching a completely new brand, a brand that is described as young, fresh and self-confident, and which is intended to address a completely new target group. It promises innovative, functional and intuitive products in the areas of TV, but also audio.

Corresponding plans have been known for some time, the second brand was first announced in September 2020 – see the detailed report by “We. by Loewe – New Second Brand of Loewe Technology GmbH”. Now, however, the first products are actually available in specialist shops as well as in the web shop of the new brand.

Turbulent years at Loewe

The last few years have been quite turbulent at Loewe, it is fair to say. But in the meantime things have settled down again and the company is back on track, with a new team at the helm and many things being handled differently than before.

This includes a slightly different approach to the company’s product range and a new brand that is intended to polish up the manufacturer’s image for a broader target group.

We. by Loewe – Young, fresh and self-confident

One thing must be made clear: for decades, the Loewe brand was considered very traditional, rather conservative. Somehow, it was quite obvious to refer to the long history, the decades of tradition. After all, the company was founded in 1923 by Siegmund Loewe and David Loewe.

Now, the company wants to focus on its strengths, such as quality from German production, and at the same time address new customer groups. This is the task of the newly founded brand We. by Loewe, which is now being launched with its first solutions.

Although both brands – Loewe on the one hand, the new brand We. by Loewe on the other – address different customer groups, they nevertheless share the same high standards of first-class quality, design and innovation, according to the German consumer electronics specialist.

Clear features for a strong brand identity

The new We. by Loewe brand is to be characterised by a clear design, practical functions and the highest precision down to the last detail. Thus, clear features for a strong brand identity are offered, which are completely in line with the tradition of the company.

In the design language, too, the long design tradition of Loewe Technology GmbH is naturally taken up, but reinterpreted by focusing on the needs of a young target group.

We. SEE and We. HEAR – Two product lines

The new We. by Loewe brand roughly comprises two product lines that are intended to reflect the two core competencies of Loewe Technology GmbH.

Firstly, there is the very classic area of televisions, which are marketed by We. by Loewe under the name We. SEE. On the other hand, there is the area of audio systems, which is to take on greater significance for Loewe Technology GmbH as a whole in the future and which will operate under the name We. by Loewe. HEAR for the We. by Loewe brand.

We. SEE – Unique and smart

We. by Loewe is launching new TV models in the We. SEE SERIES. Technically, the developers are relying on the latest generation of high-quality LED panels in 32, 43, 50 and 55 inch sizes.

In the larger models from 43 inches upwards, Ultra High Definition with the latest HDR will ensure a brilliant TV experience. The basic equipment always includes a variety of wired (HDMI, LAN, USB, S/PDIF) and wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, streaming via UPnP) interfaces, triple tuner and USB recording.

In line with the usage behaviour of the target group, Loewe provides all TVs of the new brand with pre-installed apps of the leading streaming providers, such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

The extensive features of the 50- and 55-inch models are rounded off with an integrated, powerful sound bar with 80 watts and Dolby Atmos support, for which the company promises a first-class sound experience.

The two 32- and 43-inch models, on the other hand, come with a 60-watt soundbar, which also supports Dolby Atmos and is also supposed to provide perfect sound.

According to the manufacturer, the new TV models place the highest value on a modern design in three fresh colour options and a high-quality selection of materials. The coloured back panel gives the TVs in the new We. SEE product range have an all-round attractive and unique 360° design. An integrated table stand and intelligent cable management round off the overall concept of the young TV generation.

We. HEAR – Stylish and powerful sound

In addition to TV models, We. by Loewe presents a series of Bluetooth speakers for use at home or on the move.

The two speakers We. HEAR 1 and We. HEAR 2 come in what the manufacturer describes as a clever design and the four fresh colour options Aqua Blue, Coral Red, Cool Grey and Storm Grey.

The colour coordination goes beyond the different materials and is meant to convince with a lot of attention to detail.

The clear design language is underlined by a high-quality acoustic fabric, which is also suitable for outdoor use thanks to IPX6 splash water protection.

The We. HEAR 2 comes with a practical carrying strap and is thus ideal for on the go. The two newcomers are also convincing on the inside. Equipped with powerful stereo sound and 40 watts or 60 watts total power, music lovers can really turn up the volume.

In the We. HEAR 1, two drivers and two passive speakers provide rich sound, while the We. HEAR 2 even has two tweeters, two drivers and two passive speakers.

With up to 17 hours of battery life, the favourite playlist can run up and down for hours, according to the promise from Loewe Technology GmbH, and those who want to benefit from double the music enjoyment can connect the two speakers wirelessly in party mode.

Foto © Loewe Technology GmbH | We. by Loewe - New Loewe brand with We. SEE and We. HEAR
Foto © Loewe Technology GmbH | We. by Loewe – New Loewe brand with We. SEE and We. HEAR

Prices and availability

Those interested in the new TV sets from Loewe Technology GmbH under the We. by Loewe brand will find the models We. SEE 55, We. SEE 50, We. SEE 43 and We. SEE 32 in the Storm Grey version are now available from specialist retailers. The prices are listed as € 1,599, € 1,399, € 1,199 and € 899. For the other colour variants, Aqua Blue and Coral Red, you will have to be patient until spring 2022.

The Bluetooth speakers as the first representatives of the audio line of the new We. by Loewe Series and thus of the We. HEAR product line, the models We. HEAR 1 and We. HEAR 2 are also available immediately from specialist retailers. For these you have to calculate a price of € 99,- and € 169,- respectively.

Getting to the point

It could be a really clever decision of Loewe Technology GmbH to establish a completely new product line with the new brand We. by Loewe, which presents itself a little more modern, “fresher” than the traditional company used to. Other companies have been pursuing this strategy with great success for years. It is also essential to set equally high standards in design and quality, even if this naturally means that the prices have to be set accordingly. In any case, it is not cheap that is in demand, but high quality with the right image, and the strategy around the new We. by Loewe Series and here again the two areas We. SEE and We. HEAR are exactly the right ones.

PriceWe. HEAR 1 € 99,-
We. HEAR 2 € 169,-
We. SEE 55 € 1.599,-
We. SEE 50 € 1.399,-
We. SEE 43 € 1.199,-
We. SEE 32 € 899,-
ManufacturerLoewe Technology GmbH
DistributionLoewe Technology GmbH
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