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Toneoptic rpm – Elegant, exclusive solution for records

Once again, a creative team of developers presents a particularly noble solution for storing records, namely the so-called Toneoptic rpm, which was developed by Fabian Geyrhalter.

Toneoptic rpm is another solution for storing records, and the young company Toneoptic, based in Los Angeles, has developed a particularly exciting system. Essentially, it is a shelf system, but with a special “life of its own”.

If you want to browse through your records, you can pull out a kind of drawer, whereby the records stored in the Toneoptic rpm are rotated by 90°. Exciting, but with one downer: the price.

Toneoptic rpm – A record shelf with a sophisticated system

At first glance, the new Toneoptic rpm system looks almost like a normal shelving system. The records are arranged vertically in rows, more or less close together, so the eye is first drawn to the narrow side of the covers in the tried and tested manner.

However, from the point of view of Fabian Geyrhalter, the founder of Toneoptic, this is not the best solution for browsing his collection. Therefore, Fabian Geyrhalter, who emigrated from Vienna to the USA in 1996, came up with Toneoptic rpm.

In fact, this solution Toneoptic rpm uses a kind of drawer that you can pull out, which in principle would already provide a better overview. But here we go even further, because while you pull out this drawer, the tray that holds the records rotates and you now have the front of the covers in front of you.

You can browse through your records in exactly the same way as you would in a record shop and its sales desks.

High-quality workmanship

According to Fabian Geyrhalter, the Toneoptic rpm is made solely of high-quality materials. The frame of the system is made of solid wood, with a choice between solid walnut and a white version with high-gloss water-based acrylic lacquer.

The actual tray for the records is made of aluminium, which is supposed to be powder-coated 5052 aluminium. The covers of the records are also protected by a fleece of so-called Polyfelt, with which the aluminium frame is lined on the underside.

The mechanism, which is concealed underneath the aluminium insert, is made of robust, durable stainless steel components, according to the manufacturer.

Simple assembly

The Toneoptic rpm is designed for wall mounting, and all the necessary utensils are included in the delivery. In fact, it is a very simple system, because all that needs to be screwed to the wall is a wooden plate, the top of which is bevelled. The Toneoptic rpm has a counterpart at the back, so that the actual shelf is simply hooked in.

Space for 60 to 75 records

According to the manufacturer, the Toneoptic rpm offers space for about 60 to 75 records, whereby three dividers are included in the scope of delivery to categorise or organise 2″, 10″ and 7″ records.

The manufacturer especially points out that each Toneoptic rpm is handmade in Los Angeles.

The Toneoptic rpm measures 52.38 cm in width, 48.26 cm in height and 43.18 cm in depth. It thus weighs in at around 23 kg.

Prices and availability

As already mentioned, the Toneoptic rpm is currently available in two finishes: walnut and high-gloss white. The small company from Los Angeles has just started with the delivery of the first exclusive 50 pieces, as stated on their website, but now comes the big drop of bitterness… For the Toneoptic rpm, the company is asking a price of US$ 3.750,- in the high-gloss white version, and even US$ 4.250,- in the walnut version.

Getting to the point

As ingenious as the idea of Toneoptic from Los Angeles is, as elegant as this solution looks, and no matter how high-quality it is handcrafted, the current price of at least US$ 3,750 is very ambitious, it has to be said. However, since these prices are to apply to the first 50 units, we will have to wait and see what the pricing will be like in the future. At the very least, one should keep an eye on this exciting product.

PriceToneoptic rpm High Gloss White US$ 3.750,-
Toneoptic rpm Walnut US$ 4.250,-
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