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HRDL The Vinyl Shelf – Norwegian elegance

The Norwegian company HRDL presents the new HRDL The Vinyl Shelf, a hi-fi rack specially designed for vinyl lovers. It offers space for a record player, a little electronics, but above all plenty of records.

With the HRDL The Vinyl Shelf, the Norwegian company HRDL offers another solution that is specifically aimed at record lovers. Once again, the focus is on a particularly elegant design, combined with high-quality materials and small-scale production.

In this case, it is a hi-fi rack that has been designed a little differently from conventional solutions, because instead of many electronic components, there is to be plenty of room for records.

HRDL The Vinyl Shelf – Designed for Vinyl Lovers

At first glance, the new HRDL The Vinyl Shelf looks like other hi-fi racks, with a height of 105 cm, a width of 45 cm and a depth of 60 cm.

What is different here, however, is the way the compartments are divided, with a total of four shelves.

The record player is enthroned above all, while the second shelf of the HRDL The Vinyl Shelf is located directly below it at a comparatively small distance, so that electronic components, for example, can find their place here.

If you follow the concept of the HRDL The Vinyl Shelf, it will probably be a stereo integrated amplifier with integrated phono preamplifier as the only component, because there is no room for much more.

Underneath, two more compartments are available, whereby these are designed in such a way that you can stow away records here, and a lot of records at that, that’s for sure.

High-quality workmanship

The manufacturer promises that this is a very delicate-looking but extremely solid solution. A solid wood frame is used as the base, and the four levels are also very robust. In principle, they can also be removed to adapt them to individual needs.

The HRDL The Vinyl Shelf is handcrafted in Oslo, made to order, and the customer can choose between four versions.

In addition to the Black Valchromat and Oak version, the Black Valchromat and Walnut, Light Gray Valchromat and Oak and Light Gray Valchromat and Walnut versions are available.

The company explicitly points out that all materials are sustainable and produced in a manufacturing process that relies solely on renewable energy. Even the packaging is made of sustainable materials, as HRDL states on record.

Interesting details

The HRDL The Vinyl Shelf may look minimalistic, but it offers a lot of interesting features, according to the manufacturer. For example, HRDL The Vinyl Shelf offers special removable holders that keep the stack of records aligned and in place without covering them. 3D-printed cable clips are used at the back so that all cables can be easily stored and are not in the way. The recessed back panel allows the user to place the piece of furniture directly against the wall.

HRDL – Small Norwegian Manufacture

By the way, behind HRDL is a very small Norwegian manufacture, one can also speak of a downright tiny company, because ultimately it is about the photographer Stian Herdal, who, as he himself admits, has the role of the designer, the complete production department, up to the CEO, and is also responsible for changing the light bulbs at HRDL. HRDL was founded in 2015 in a small garage in Kristiansand, Norway. What started as a hobby project has now become at least a small business, with the focus on the design and production of selected furniture and living room accessories.

Prices and availability

The HRDL The Vinyl Shelf is available directly from the Norwegian manufacturer HRDL, as described, in four versions. It should be borne in mind that each piece is only manufactured as soon as the order is received, so you have to expect a delivery time of up to ten weeks. In return, however, you get a very fine piece of furniture, and at a price of € 1,139.

Getting to the point

Solutions such as those from the small Norwegian manufacturer HRDL represent a welcome enrichment of the market, because here the focus is not only on functionality but also on aesthetics. Classical hi-fi racks often appear to be very serene, sober, optimised solely for technical requirements, but here we have a piece of furniture that conveys individuality. Of course, this is not designed for a sprawling hi-fi system, but for users who are content with a little electronics and whose main focus is the reproduction of records.

Price€ 1.139,-
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