Sonos Pro - Software-as-a-Service for the commercial sector

It is a software service from Sonos Inc. for businesses and offers remote system management, commercially licensed music and personal support, the company promised at the presentation of Sonos Pro.

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  • Sonos Inc. sees the new Sonos Pro, which is aimed at commercial users, as a software-as-a-service or SaaS offering.

With Sonos Pro, the company Sonos Inc. wants to serve a completely new customer stratum, whereby this is not new hardware, but rather actually a service package, with the manufacturer describing this itself as a software-as-a-service or SaaS offering.

Commercial users will be able to offer music in their business premises based on commercially licensed content that can be adapted to their own brand as well as to different needs. Sonos Pro will also offer centralised management of multiple locations and personalised support.

The right sound at every location

Sonos Pro is an offer for companies that is supposed to allow them to centrally manage all matters concerning the right sound, as the description of the new service from Sonos Inc. puts it in a nutshell.

The new product category from Sonos Inc. is a subscription-based offering and focuses on a dashboard that allows the system to be managed remotely for multiple locations, as well as commercially licensed music, personal support and more.

The service is designed to work seamlessly with existing or newly purchased Sonos Inc. hardware to fill any room with immersive sound, the manufacturer promises.

“Now that brick-and-mortar retail is once again increasingly frequented by consumers, retail shops and restaurants are using music, images and scents to create a sensory experience and build an emotional connection with their customers. We have seen incredible organic growth for Sonos in the commercial space. The fact that many companies are investing in sound solutions to engage their customers is a great opportunity for Sonos Pro. After testing various features in hundreds of businesses to better understand the needs of businesses and the complexities of commercial audio, we’re proud to offer a simple solution built from the ground up to meet the needs of this audience.”

Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos Inc.

Hitting the right note

In fact, the hardware for sounding commercial spaces is not the big issue, it is the content that is being played first and foremost. On the one hand, it’s commercially licensed music, so you have to make sure you’re allowed to play content at all. This is exactly what Sonos Pro wants to ensure with the content offered here.

Another important aspect is that the content must fit the respective environment, the own brand, and it should also be possible to implement marketing measures.

For this purpose, it must be possible to create a wide variety of playlists centrally, whereby access rights can of course also be defined as to who is allowed to call up the playlists or even edit them if necessary.

Using the customised Sonos app and new remote management features, including a web-based dashboard, Sonos Pro allows organisations to view and manage activity across multiple locations. Playlists can be created, administrator rights can be set and access rights can be delegated – from any distance. In addition, premium support is available on demand, Sonos Inc said.

“Music is the foundation for creating a feel-good atmosphere and keeping customers coming back. Sonos Pro is designed to help brands easily reinforce their vision and image. The service allows them to perfectly curate content and create unique sound experiences that delight their customers.”

Audra Kinsley, Vice President and General Manager, Sonos Professional

Pricing and Availability

Since Sonos Inc. is targeting only commercial users with Sonos Pro, no prices in the traditional sense are mentioned. As already described, it is a subscription-based service.

At the moment, Sonos Pro is only available in the USA, as Sonos Inc. admits. Other markets are to follow gradually.

Getting to the point

It is a very interesting offer with which Sonos Inc. is now attracting attention. Sonos Pro is aimed at commercial users who are looking for a flexible, easy-to-administer solution for the sound reinforcement of their business premises, whereby it is a system that can also be extended to several locations and even scaled infinitely. Users should be offered a customised solution from the content to the hardware.

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