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With Live on TIDAL, subscribers to TIDAL HiFi and TIDAL HiFi Plus will be able to share music directly with each other, is how the music streaming service describes the new in-app feature, which will be available immediately.

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  • With Live on TIDAL, a new in-app feature will be available to share music and experience it together.

Live on TIDAL is the name of the latest in-app feature that the music streaming service TIDAL now offers to subscribers of the TIDAL HiFi and TIDAL HiFi Plus services. According to the provider, this will make it possible to share music directly with each other and thus experience it together. TIDAL Live will allow groups of any size to come together for a special event.

This can be used to celebrate a wide variety of events together, such as the release of a new album. The spectrum thus ranges from purely private use to marketing measures with direct involvement of the fan base.

Live on TIDAL based on TIDAL DJ

According to the streaming provider, the new Live on TIDAL function has evolved from the beta version of TIDAL DJ. Time and again, TIDAL offers various functions to a limited circle of users, which then have to prove themselves in a beta phase. TIDAL DJ was able to convince and is now available to all users of the TIDAL HiFi and TIDAL HiFi Plus offers.

This is supposed to be a new possibility for fans to spontaneously share music with each other. The new feature also makes it easier for fans to discover and follow new music trendsetters. As soon as a live session is started, TIDAL subscribers can select a suitable track for the session and share a link to the session so that other users can join in directly. The shareable links are accessible via SMS, social media and email.

“We offer fans the opportunity to come together through music, or simply click to meet new artists, brands and personalities. Live gives music fans the opportunity to discover new music easily from within the app or via a link. We’re excited to see how they will use Live to create these shared moments with music.”

Agustina Sacerdote, Global Head of Product at TIDAL

Live on TIDAL can currently be used primarily in the app for Apple iOS and Google Android, with limited use via third-party devices at present, TIDAL acknowledges.

It should also be mentioned that, for the time being, subscribers can only use this function in sessions that have been started in the respective country or in sessions in which their user account has been registered.

Getting to the point

In the end, it is above all a new marketing tool that TIDAL is now presenting with Live on TIDAL, because with it, joint sessions can be initiated, for example, at the presentation of a new album. However, users can of course also use this function to experience music together with their friends, provided they also have a TIDAL account.

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