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Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black - Limited Special Edition in Light-Emitting Matte Black

Audio Reference GmbH, together with Perlisten Audio, wants to fight against disturbing light reflections in the home cinema and now offers the THX Dominus certified loudspeaker system Perlisten S5t AR in Matte Black.

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  • No light reflections should disturb the enjoyment of the film with the Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black, which is manufactured exclusively for Audio Reference GmbH in light-absorbing matte black.

Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black is the name of a very special loudspeaker system that is aimed at particularly discerning home cinema enthusiasts who do everything in their power to achieve unclouded film enjoyment at all times. With this strictly limited special edition of the Perlisten S-Series, Perlisten Audio wants to make sure that no light reflections spoil the movie enjoyment, as Audio Reference GmbH states.

Audio Reference GmbH is particularly proud of this loudspeaker system because the Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black is manufactured exclusively by Perlisten Audio for the German distributor from Hamburg.

Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black – Manufactured exclusively for Audio Reference GmbH

The intention behind the special edition of this floorstanding loudspeaker system, manufactured exclusively for Audio Reference GmbH in a strictly limited edition, is to eliminate light reflections, as we have just mentioned.

According to Audio Reference GmbH, these light reflections are often a challenge in a sophisticated home cinema, especially when the audio setup is not only intended for film, but also for hi-fi enjoyment, according to the Hamburg-based distributor.

This problem is solved by using a special matt black finish, which is even referred to as a light-absorbing lacquer.

THX Dominus certified floorstanding speaker system

Apart from the special finish, the Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black is of course technically identical to the standard Perlisten S5t Tower Speaker.

As the name suggests, this is a floor-standing speaker system, the most compact of the wide-ranging Perlisten S-Series.

Like all models in this range, the aim is to achieve what is technically possible, a speaker system that does credit to the actual product name – Perlisten Signature Series – and distinguishes it as a reference solution.

Based on the success of the Perlisten S7t and Perlisten R5t, the Perlisten S5t Tower is a solution for smaller rooms, a little brother of the Perlisten S7t. This is designed as a three-way bass reflex system and, of course, relies first and foremost on a so-called DPC array consisting of a 28 mm beryllium dome tweeter and two 28 mm TPCD dome tweeters in ultra-lightweight construction. This DPC array is flanked by two 180 mm Textreme TPCD woofers.

The two bass reflex ports here are led out towards the bottom, which guarantees a particularly homogeneous dispersion into the room and ensures corresponding flexibility when setting up the speaker systems.

The frequency response is specified as 80 Hz to 20 kHz, the impedance as 4 ohms and the sensitivity as 89.5 dB. This loudspeaker system is designed for amplifiers with an output between 100 and 300 watts.

Of course, like all other solutions of the Perlisten S-Series, this compact floorstanding speaker system is THX Dominus certified and can be used in combination with all other speakers of the product series for a wide variety of configurations.

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the Perlisten S5t Tower Speaker is normally offered in Piano Black and Piano White and has dimensions of 1,119 x 240 x 400 mm. This brings it to an impressive 43.2 kg.

Prices and availability

The new Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black should be available in specialist shops within the next few days. However, it should be noted once again that this is a strictly limited special edition, manufactured exclusively for the distributor Audio Reference GmbH. The recommended retail price is € 13.990,-.

Getting to the point

The primary aim is to avoid unwanted light reflections that could spoil the movie experience when used in home cinema, according to the intention behind the new Perlisten S5t AR Matte Black, which is manufactured by Perlisten Audio exclusively for the distributor Audio Reference GmbH in strictly limited quantities. But even so, the matte black finish of this special model should be a special eye-catcher, in our opinion…

Price€ 13.990,-
ManufacturerPerlisten Audio
DistributionAudio Reference GmbH
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