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Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ – Two new custom installation amplifiers

Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ are the two new amplifier systems from Rotel Co. Ltd. that the company has designed as solutions for the custom installation sector and is promoting as systems that offer high efficiency performance in a compact, rack-mountable form. According to the manufacturer, they offer two systems that are supposed to set new standards in terms of sound quality and performance in the field of custom installation.

60 Years of Audio Engineering Tradition

Rotel Co. Ltd. emphasises that the new Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ models are based on the company’s 60 years of audio engineering tradition and, even though they are designed for custom installation, they have been conceived for a high level of sound reproduction.

They are based on a classic Class A/B design, with an emphasis not only on performance, but also on musicality.

The two systems are each designed as solutions that can handle up to eight channels and rely on virtues that are considered standard in the development of hi-fi electronics for Rotel Co Ltd.

Class A/B amplifiers with 70 or even 150 watts of power per channel.

Both the Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ systems feature oversized toroidal transformers manufactured in-house, which supply a series of special high-current power transistors. This ensures that the Custom Installation amplifiers can easily drive even the most demanding loudspeaker systems in large listening areas.

While the Rotel C8 model delivers 70 watts per channel to loudspeaker systems with an impedance of 4 ohms, the Rotel C8+ even provides 150 watts per channel, whereby these specifications apply in the case that all channels are driven.

Interestingly, the zone outputs can also be bridged to achieve an even higher output power per channel.

The PA override feature with automatic detection and switching ensures maximum flexibility during installation. Both units have four analogue inputs, which are available to all zone outputs through an internal matrix circuit, and whose volume, balance, bass and treble are each individually adjustable. The Rotel C8+ also has two optical and two coaxial digital inputs, supporting 24-bit, 192 kHz audio for all outputs.

  • Foto © Rotel Co. Ltd. | Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ Custom Installation Amplifier
  • Foto © Rotel Co. Ltd. | Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ Custom Installation Amplifier
  • Foto © Rotel Co. Ltd. | Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ Custom Installation Amplifier
  • Foto © Rotel Co. Ltd. | Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ Custom Installation Amplifier
  • Foto © Rotel Co. Ltd. | Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ Custom Installation Amplifier
  • Foto © Rotel Co. Ltd. | Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ Custom Installation Amplifier

Simple operation thanks to graphic display

Especially with solutions for the custom installation sector, the focus is not always on particularly simple operation, that must be clearly stated. With the Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ systems, however, this is supposed to be solved differently, because on the front of both amplifiers there is a graphic display with controls for user-friendly set-up and control.

This allows users to select the desired active input source and control the volume for each zone in real time. The custom-designed 2U enclosure requires no top or bottom clearance.

The included mounting brackets allow for highly efficient rack mounting. The speaker outputs have removable Phoenix connectors with screw locks for prewiring. Ethernet and RS-232 interfaces, as well as a 12 V trigger connection, make it easy to integrate the units into common control systems. So adaptable, they can be easily integrated into almost any system, is the manufacturer’s promise.

Prices and availability

According to Sound United LLC., the new custom installation amplifier systems from Rotel Co. Ltd. are expected to be available from specialist dealers from July 2022. The fact that black is the only colour of choice here is probably understandable due to the intended use. The recommended retail price for the Rotel C8 is € 2.600,-, the Rotel C8+ € 3.200,-.

Getting to the point

Amplifier systems for custom installations are extremely flexible solutions when it comes to sound reinforcement for business premises, projects in the hotel industry or gastronomy. High-quality solutions of this kind are also frequently used in private environments, for example for the realisation of discreet multi-room audio streaming systems or in home cinema environments. Rotel Co. Ltd. now wants to offer such solutions with the two new systems Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+.

PriceRotel C8 € 2.600,-
Rotel C8+ € 3.200,-
ManufacturerRotel Co. Ltd.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio-Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution SwitzerlandAudio-Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
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