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Questyle M12 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with DAC

The Questyle M12 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with DAC is a high-quality D/A converter and headphone amplifier in a particularly compact form. A solution that you can always have with you.

For the first time, the Questyle M12 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with DAC delivers the features for which Questyle Audio Engineering is known in a particularly compact form, namely that of a USB stick designed for mobile use. The manufacturer promises to offer HiFi sound on the go.

Questyle sees the Questyle M12 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with DAC as the perfect plug & play solution for users who do not want to do without the best quality playback from their smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Questyle M12 with SiP Current Mode Amplifier Module

Questyle has been using the so-called Questyle Current Mode Amplification Technology for years. It is this technology that distinguishes the solutions of the hi-fi specialist and is now also used in this personal audio device.

According to the company, the patented Questyle Current Mode Amplification Technology is the fundamental difference between Questyle hardware and other products.

The amplifier is to a headphone system what the engine is to a car, Quesytle compares. Thanks to a specially developed SiP Current Mode Amplifier Module, the Questyle M12 offers a completely new sound performance in this product class with an extremely low distortion level of 0.0003 per cent. It also has an extremely high output power and excellent sound control to fully exploit the potential of any headphone.

Automatic adaptation to the impedance of the headphones

One special feature is that the output stage always adapts optimally to the headphones actually being used. The company refers to this as a smart detection circuit for automatic power adjustment to the impedance of the headphones in a range between 8 and 600 ohms.

By the way, headphones are connected to the Questyle M12 via a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

Outstanding D/A converter

For the D/A converter of the Questyle M12, the developers worked directly with the specialist ESS Technology Inc. and it took two years to realise the ideal solution. The ESS ES9281AC, which the manufacturer calls the flagship USB DAC chip, is capable of processing linear PCM signals up to 32 bit and 384 kHz as well as DSD including DSD256. The DAC is also capable of processing content encoded in MQA.

Compatible with all platforms

The Questyle M12 can of course be used with all relevant platforms such as Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS on desktops and notebooks, as well as Google Android and Apple iOS on smartphones and tablets.

However, the Questyle M12 has a USB C port, so that for use in conjunction with Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, a corresponding adapter is required, namely a so-called OTG cable for Apple Lightning to USB Type-C.

Solid design

Since this is a personal audio device for mobile use, solid workmanship is of course essential. The case is made of aluminium, which is CNC machined. This solution is available in black anodised or silver.

The recommended retail price for the Questyle M12 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with DAC is € 119.

Getting to the point

Questyle Audio Engineering’s solutions are characterised by their reliance on the special Questyle Current Mode Amplification Technology. The Questyle M12 Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier with DAC is also based on this principle of current amplification and is supposed to guarantee a particularly outstanding signal processing with regard to an extremely low distortion and enormous power.

Price€ 119,-
ManufacturerQuestyle Audio Technology Co. Ltd.
DistributionNT Global Distribution GmbH
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