Velodyne MicroVee X – Ultra-compact, precise subwoofer

The latest addition to the Velodyne MicroVee Series is designed to raise the bar in the compact subwoofer segment. Incorruptible bass performance in ultra-compact form is what the new Velodyne MicroVee X is supposed to deliver.

The Velodyne MicroVee X represents the latest solution in the Velodyne MicroVee Series of subwoofers, a product line with which Velodyne Acoustics Inc. aims to offer outstanding bass performance in the most compact form factor.

The new Velodyne MicroVee X is intended to set new standards in this area, with the subwoofer featuring further or even completely newly developed components for this task in essential areas.

Velodyne MicroVee X – The New Generation

The new Velodyne MicroVee X is the latest generation of subwoofers in the compact class from Velodyne Acoustics Inc., the company even calls it the latest generation of the compact low-frequency wonder.

The basic concept has not changed compared to previous models, because the proven construction with two passive cones and an ultra-stable metal housing has already delivered a powerful bass reproduction with astonishingly compact dimensions, according to the manufacturer’s assessment. However, a few points were found where further improvements could be made, namely a new driver and an improved amplifier module in Class A/B with audiophile virtues for even more precise low-frequency reproduction.

Velodyne MicroVee X with new driver

As before, the focus of the new Velodyne MicroVee X is on a 6.5 inch chassis, which is supported by two passive radiators in the truest sense of the word. These also have a diameter of 6.5 inches.

What is new, however, is the driver itself, which, as already mentioned, has been revised from the ground up, with the focus once again on a particularly powerful drive. Powerful magnets made of Y30 ferrite material are used, which means that the new driver weighs in at an impressive 3.6 kg, three kilograms of which are accounted for by the magnets alone.

The driver’s diaphragm is made of carbon composite and has an ultra-flexible surround made of nitrile rubber. The driver’s voice coil has a diameter of two inches and is designed as a quadruple voice coil made of high-purity copper. The subwoofer specialist is convinced that all this guarantees distortion-free, absolutely precise reproduction.

  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X
  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X
  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X
  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X

Sophisticated amplifier in Class A/B

Of course, the amplifier is just as important, with a Class A/B module capable of delivering a whopping 300 watts RMS or even up to 800 watts peak power.

For this purpose, it is equipped with four massive 180 V MOSFET transistors with a current delivery capacity of 34 A. A highly efficient switched-mode power supply, also with two MOSFET transistors and a capacity of 17 A and 650 V, forms the basis for this pure power pack.

DSP-based signal processing

A subwoofer in particular must be equipped to be integrated into a hi-fi or home cinema system in the best possible way, using individual settings that take into account the optimum conditions for placement in the room and the way it works in conjunction with the other loudspeaker systems.

Velodyne Acoustics Inc. relies on DSP-based signal processing for the new Velodyne MicroVee X, the basis of which is a state-of-the-art DSP from the specialist Analog Devices Inc.

Specially adapted equaliser and limiter settings are intended to ensure a comfortable adjustment to the respective place of use and thus the best acoustic properties. All relevant parameters such as phase, volume and crossover settings can be conveniently controlled directly from the listening position via a remote control.

In this context, we have to praise the fact that the manufacturer even provides the new Velodyne MicroVee X with a so-called Remote Eye, which is basically nothing more than an infrared module with a three-metre cable. This ensures that the subwoofer can actually be placed exactly where it is optimal, and yet the remote control can always be used, even if there is no direct line of sight.

  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X
  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X
  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X
  • Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X

Flexible use

Of course, the new Velodyne MicroVee X offers all prerequisites to be used particularly flexibly in the most diverse solutions. The most important basis for this are its compact dimensions, but also the numerous interfaces that this subwoofer has.

First of all, the classic RCA sockets are available as input and loop through to be integrated into a two-channel system, whereby the output capability of up to 4 V is designed for consumer as well as professional environments.

Velodyne MicroVee X 12
Foto © Velodyne Acoustics Inc. | Velodyne MicroVee X

Furthermore, the Velodyne MicroVee X offers an LFE input as well as speaker terminals for operation with external power amplifiers. It should also be mentioned that the internal crossover can be switched off via remote control to be used in a sophisticated multi-channel system.

For flexible integration into the living room, the new Velodyne MicroVee X is not only available in black, but also in white.

The new subwoofer will be available immediately from specialist dealers at a recommended retail price of € 1.290,-.

Getting to the point

A powerful subwoofer does not have to be huge. Sophisticated solutions like the new offspring of the subwoofer specialist Velodyne Acoustics Inc., the Velodyne MicroVee X, impressively prove that a precise, powerful bass reproduction for stereo as well as home cinema can also be realised in a very compact, elegant form.

Price€ 1.290,-
ManufacturerVelodyne Acoustics GmbH
Distribution AustriaR.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution GermanyAudio Reference GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandAudio Reference GmbH
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