Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable – Now with balanced output

The Pro-Ject 6PerspeX turntable is clearly one of the most elegant solutions from Pro-Ject Audio Systems. This turntable is now available in a revised new version, whereby the focus is on the option of balanced signal routing and the new model is accordingly called the Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable.

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  • Pro-Ject Audio Systems describes the new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable as a True Balanced Ready High-end turntable.

It was a turntable that caused quite a stir, as Pro-Ject Audio Systems presented the Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Turntable, a record player that was a real showpiece with its unique design. The transparent acrylic housing, which was enthroned on slender feet made of black anodised aluminium, and the black sub-chassis, all made the turntable unique and formed the basis for its great success.

It is obvious that such an outstanding product should not simply be removed from the portfolio, so it is hardly surprising that Pro-Ject Audio Systems is now presenting the successor to the Pro-Ject 6PerspeX turntable with the new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable.

An evolution, not a revolution

Even at first glance, it is clear that the developers at Pro-Ject Audio Systems have not shaken up the basic concept of the Pro-Ject 6PerspeX, with the new turntable presenting itself in an almost identical form. It is therefore by no means a revolution, but rather an evolution. However, the Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable does have one very decisive innovation.

New in the Pro-Ject True Balanced Connection Series

It is well known that some time ago Pro-Ject Audio Systems set out the strategy of making balanced signal routing the standard for record players and to this end proclaimed Pro-Ject Plan B and founded the Pro-Ject True Balanced Connection Series.

The new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable is now, as the name suggests, the latest addition to the Pro-Ject True Balanced Connection Series.

Outstanding, proven design concept

The new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable presents itself in a tried and tested manner as a turntable with a chassis made of transparent acrylic, which sits on height-adjustable, TPE-damped aluminium feet, anodised in black.

The drive is designed as a so-called sub-chassis drive, whereby the sub-chassis in this case is made of Corian and comes in matt black. In this case, decoupling is achieved by means of magnets and should therefore be particularly effective in preventing sound-damaging vibrations and thus guarantee a precise performance.

The very quiet AC motor unit is embedded in the housing and uses a belt to drive the 300 mm diameter MDF vinyl sandwich platter, which rotates in an inverted stainless steel bearing with a ceramic ball.

The speed is electronically controlled and can be selected between 33 1/3 and 45 revolutions per minute at the touch of a button.

Pro-Ject 9 CC EVO tonearm

The Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable is fitted ex works with a Pro-Ject 9 CC EVO tonearm, a tonearm that is 9 inches long and made entirely of carbon fibre, including the headshell.

The tonearm rests in an inverted cardanic ABEC 7 quality bearing with four stainless steel tips for stable and low-friction tracking, as the manufacturer states, who also explicitly refers to the aluminium tonearm base.

It goes without saying that all relevant settings – arimuth and VTA – can be made here in order to use a wide variety of pickup systems.

Equipped for balanced connection

As we have already mentioned, the outstanding new feature of the Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable is that it is now part of the Pro-Ject True Balanced Connection Series and is therefore equipped for balanced signal routing.

The connection panel of the new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable therefore not only offers a pair of RCA sockets for unbalanced signal routing, but also a mini XLR for balanced cables. In this regard, Pro-Ject Audio Systems states that it has an extensive range of True Balanced cables ready to connect the turntable to the Pro-Ject Phono Box S3 B, Pro-Ject Phono Box DS3 B or Pro-Ject Tube Box DS3 B, for example.

Pro-Ject Pick it MC3 Cartridge

On request, the new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable can be supplied with a matching cartridge system, which is of course also designed for symmetrical signal routing, namely the Pro-Ject Pick it MC3 Cartridge.

If you opt for this combination, the pick-up system is not only fitted at the factory, but is already optimally adjusted so that you can essentially get started straight away, apart from adjusting the tracking force.

Prices and availability

The new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable is now available from specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of € 2.390,- without the cartridge system and € 2.799,- with the cartridge system. It should also be mentioned that a matching dust cover is of course always included in the scope of delivery, as is a matching mains adapter. For the sake of completeness, there is still room for any upgrades with suitable power supplies from the Pro-Ject Box Design Series.

Getting to the point

The Pro-Ject 6PerspeX turntable is almost regarded as a kind of classic, which must clearly be described as an outstanding turntable in Pro-Ject Audio Systems‘ broad product portfolio. It is therefore extremely gratifying that the Austrian specialist has decided to develop a further generation with the new Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable, which, as could be expected given the name, is now part of the Pro-Ject True Balanced Connection Series.

PRODUCTPro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable
PricePro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable € 2.390,-
Pro-Ject 6PerspeX Balanced Turntable with Pro-Ject Pick it MC3 € 2.799,-
ManufacturerPro-Ject Audio Systems a division of Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution SwitzerlandLakeside Audio
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