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Piega Sub Medium – Subwoofer made entirely of aluminium and WiSA Technology

With the new Piega Sub Medium subwoofer, Piega SA has succeeded for the first time in the history of the company in using a cabinet made of 100 per cent aluminium, a material that has played an essential role in the development of outstanding solutions at the Swiss loudspeaker specialist for years. Just as with the conventional loudspeaker systems, the new Piega Sub Medium is intended to fully exploit the advantages that this material brings with it.

Piega Sub Medium – Particularly slim design

The company from Lake Zurich announces that it has opted for a particularly slim design, with the compact, round aluminium profile having a diameter of only 230 mm. Ultimately, the new Piega Sub Medium measures 27 cm in height, 23 cm in width and 46.5 cm in depth. Despite these small dimensions, and this is the remarkable thing, the new Piega Sub Medium is supposed to come up with a rich, deep and, above all, precise performance.

The decisive factor is once again the optimal damping of the cabinet, which is reflected in a weight of 17.5 kg.

Piega Sub Medium 06Piega Sub Medium 05
Foto © Piega SA | Piega Sub Medium

Incredibly precise bass reproduction

The precise reproduction of the new Piega Sub Medium is achieved first and foremost by two 8-inch drivers, which are optimally matched to the cabinet volume, and by a closed cabinet construction. The woofers are driven by Class D amplifiers with an output of 240 watts.

In order to achieve a linear bass reproduction, the Piega Sub Medium uses the same digital filters and algorithms that are already used in the Piega Ace Wireless Series, according to the company’s description.

The Piega Sub Medium automatically adjusts to the volume played, the manufacturer refers to this as dynamic loudness correction, which guarantees the promised rich, but also linear bass reproduction with the highest precision.

Piega Sub Medium 04Piega Sub Medium 03
Foto © Piega SA | Piega Sub Medium

Signal transmission via WiSA Technology

The new Piega Sub Medium offers an analogue input, both in the form of an unbalanced stereo RCA and a balanced input, the latter in the form of an RJ45 socket. The Piega Sub Medium can also be controlled completely “wirelessly” via the WiSA Technology radio standard.

Once again, we would like to point out that this is the only industry standard that was developed solely for audio transmission via radio and allows signal transmission with the lowest possible latency at up to 24 bits and 96 kHz.

The new Piega Sub Medium is therefore ideally suited as an extension to the Piega Ace Wireless Series, which relies entirely on WiSA technology, but it can also be used with other systems based on this wireless technology, as well as in the classic way with any audio system via cable.

It should also be mentioned at this point that the Piega Sub Medium also has audio outputs, whereby stereo cinch is used here as well as the RJ45 socket already mentioned for the inputs as a balanced stereo out. According to the manufacturer, this is ideal for installations with particularly long signal paths.

Piega Sub Medium 02Piega Sub Medium 01
Foto © Piega SA | Piega Sub Medium

Best conditions for flexible integration in different environments

Of course, the new Piega Sub Medium has all parameters ready to be used in the best possible way in different environments and in combination with different solutions, be it in a stereo or home cinema configuration.

There are not only controls for volume and crossover frequency, but also a selector switch for the phase (0° or 180°) and, in addition, a choice can be made between the Full and SAT modes, whereby a high-pass filter is active at the output in SAT mode.

It should be mentioned at this point that the Piega Sub Medium can cover a frequency response between 18 Hz and 160 Hz.

Foto © Piega SA | Piega Sub Medium
Foto © Piega SA | Piega Sub Medium

Prices and availability

The new Piega Sub Medium is offered in several design variants, namely silver, black and white. Accordingly, different covers are available, namely anthracite and grey, to protect the bass drivers if desired. The silver version will cost € 1.750,-, the other versions € 1.950,-.

Getting to the point

Of course, Piega SA is primarily targeting users of the Piega Ace Wireless Series, because they will find in the new Piega Sub Medium a subwoofer that can be controlled completely “wirelessly” via WiSA Technology if desired. Alternatively, the new subwoofer, which for the first time is made entirely of aluminium and therefore has a particularly compact and elegant design, can also be integrated into stereo and home cinema applications via cable.

PricePiega Sub Medium Silver € 1.750,-
Piega Sub Medium black anodised or white lacquered € 1.950,-
ManufacturerPiega SA
DistributionPiega SA
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