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Piega Ace Wireless Series receives WiSA Interoperability Certification

Piega Ace 30 Wireless, Piega Ace 50 Wireless as well as Piega Ace Center Wireless, these solutions form the so-called Piega ACE Wireless Series, which is now designated as WiSA Certified by the WiSA Association.

With the new Piega Ace Wireless Series consisting of the models Piega Ace 30 Wireless and Piega Ace 50 Wireless, Piega SA wants to prove that modern active speaker systems can combine elegance, comfort, flexibility and quality.

With the highly aesthetic Piega Ace 50 Wireless and Piega Ace 30 Wireless speaker systems, Piega SA ultimately launches a compact all-in-one sound system with various integrated streaming platforms and first-class sound quality that can be effortlessly integrated into any living environment.

Piega Ace Wireless Series now WiSA Certified

Already at the presentation, Piega SA stated that the Piega Ace Wireless Series solutions are distinguished by one very distinctive feature, and that is WiSA support.

“The Piega Ace Wireless Series, with its ease of use and operation, offers an unforgettable, high-quality sound experience with its WiSA Certified speakers. The system is equipped with the highest standards of audio transmission and if a TV is also WiSA Certified, one can effortlessly connect wirelessly. Music consumption is being influenced by digitalisation worldwide, so with our three compact Ace wireless speakers we want to show the world that even a small speaker can deliver big sound in any living or working area.”

Dominik Züger, Research and Development Team, Piega SA

Unlike other standards that have their origins in the field of pure data transmission in the IT sector, WiSA is the only wireless standard to date that has been designed solely for audio signal transmission.

From the very beginning, therefore, the focus has been on very important factors in this area, such as signal transmission with high data rates for hi-res audio, very robust signal transmission free of interference from external influences, but above all signal transmission with the lowest possible latency.

Foto © Piega SA | Piega Ace Wireless Series
Foto © Piega SA | Piega Ace Wireless Series

Not only designed for stereo, but also for surround

The special feature of WiSA is therefore that this standard is not only designed for stereo, but was actually designed for multi-channel audio and thus surround from the very beginning.

And it is precisely these features that Piega SA is building on with the new Piega Ace Wireless Series.

The solutions of the Piega Ace Wireless Series can be used in stereo as well as in surround; it is even possible to realise a 7.1-channel surround sound solution.

Piega SA joined the WiSA Accociation in the course of the market launch of the Piega Ace Wireless Series, and the Accociation has now announced that the new product line from Switzerland is officially WiSA Certified.

“The system is the perfect example of seamless integration between TVs and speakers, as the ACE speakers can wirelessly connect to any WiSA Certified product to deliver superior sound. Piega SA’s commitment to quality is at the forefront of everything it does and is evident when experiencing the award-winning sound of its speakers.”

Tony Ostrom, WiSA President

All WiSA Certified and WiSA Ready components work together to deliver interoperable wireless audio designed to deliver high-quality sound for enjoying movies, music, games, streaming and more.

More than 20 members of the association, now including Piega SA, but also other renowned companies such as Bang & Olufsen, LG, Hisense, Skyworth, Harman Kardon, Klipsch, Onkyo, System Audio SA, Buchardt, Savant, Primare, Enclave Audio, Axiim, EC Living, Almando and Platinum Audio, currently ship WiSA Ready and WiSA Certified products.

Foto © Piega SA | Piega Ace Wireless Series
Foto © Piega SA | Piega Ace Wireless Series

Prices and availability

The systems of the new Piega Ace Wireless Series are available immediately from specialist dealers. A distinction is always made here between a transmitter and receiver, so the prices vary accordingly. In the case of the compact shelf speakers, the Piega Ace 30 Wireless Tx model costs € 1,090 and the Piega Ace 30 Wireless Rx model € 900. For the floorstanding speaker system, the pricing is similar, with € 2,090 for the Piega Ace 50 Wireless Rx model and € 1,900 for the Piega Ace 50 Wireless Rx model. For the centre speaker Piega Ace Center Wireless, the Swiss have not yet named a price.

Getting to the point

With the Piega Ace Wireless Series, the Swiss loudspeaker specialist Piega SA presents an extremely exciting and versatile solution for creating a compact, yet powerful audio system in the simplest possible way. In the end, they break down an entire audio system to the really essentials, namely active loudspeaker systems alone, which do not depend on cables either for the integration of sources or for the connection between the speakers, as they support a wide number of streaming options on the one hand, and are now also officially designated as WiSA Certified. This not only allows the “wireless” integration of TV sets as sources, but also the signal transmission between the speakers via WiSA, which means that even surround systems can be set up “wirelessly”.

PricePiega Ace 30 Wireless Tx model € 1.090,- per piece
Piega Ace 30 Wireless Rx model € 900,- per unit
Piega Ace 50 Wireless Tx model € 2.090,- per unit
Piega Ace 50 Wireless Rx model € 1.900,- per unit
Black and white version plus € 50,- per piece
ManufacturerPiega SA
DistributionPiega SA
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