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Lake People electronic GmbH has been building high-class headphone amps, microphone amplifiers and converters since the mid-80s. The development and the entire production take place 100 percent in the manufactory in Germany.

Lake people electronic GmbH has been building high-class headphone amps, microphone amplifiers and converters since the mid-80s. The development and the entire production take place 100 percent in the manufactory in Germany. For this reason, the products are appreciated by pro-audio and hi-fi users all over the world.

Lake people electronic GmbH – A success story

If you want to see real craftsmanship, it is worth taking a trip to Lake people electronic GmbH’s factory on Lake Constance, where the products of the Violectric brand are also manufactured. In the small factory in Constance, a team of excellently trained specialists works on the groundbreaking audio products of tomorrow. Above all, there is mastermind and company founder Fried Reim. The story of Lake people electronic GmbH began in his flat in Constance in 1986. Initially, three people built limiters and noise gates and soon the first headphone amplifiers. Today, the product portfolio includes first-class headphone amplifiers as well as excellent microphone preamplifiers, noble converters and other high-quality analogue and digital tools.

Development and production in Germany

The great respect that the Lake people and Violectric brands enjoy worldwide also stems from the commitment to the quality seal “Made in Germany”. It has always been important to Fried Reim that every new device he comes up with together with his long-time partner Jochen Müller is manufactured in his own company in Konstanz. There is no location in the Far East or any other country. So even those components that Lake people electronic GmbH does not manufacture itself almost all come from suppliers in Germany. In the meantime, word of the quality of the production has spread so far that even the noble cables of the Japanese manufacturer Mogami are assembled at Lake People in Germany for the European market.

Manufacturing quality

The individual components for the products ofLake people electronic GmbH and Violectric are assembled into the finished product in carefully planned steps that are carried out by hand. The amplifiers and converters are designed on the computer by Fried Reim and his team of developers right down to the circuit board. Following this plan, the products pass through several stations in the Lake People factory: First, the transducer chips are soldered to the circuit board. Then the connection sockets, which the respective unit is to receive, are screwed to the circuit board. In the meantime, the matching housing is milled from solid metal and painted. The ready-soldered circuit board with the connections is then inserted into the housing. The sockets are screwed tightly to the housing. The individual controls and switches are then added to the housing itself until the product finally shines in its full glory. This is followed by an extensive check of the feel of the controls and switches, the connection sockets and the signal processing in the form of measurements and listening tests. Only when the product meets the high standards of Fried Reim and his team is it released for sale.

Specialists at work

This kind of high-quality manufacturing can only be accomplished by appropriately trained specialists. Fried Reim is an electrical engineer by profession, and in the early days of Lake people electronic GmbH he assembled the first headphone amplifiers by hand in his home in Constance. Over the years, he has been joined by other capable specialists, so that today he can draw on a broad range of knowledge and 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-end audio products. There is even a headphone amplifier cookbook by Fried Reim, which reflects his enormous expertise and that of the entire company in detail.

“We are convinced that quality prevails in the long run. Anyone who buys a headphone amplifier or DA converter from Lake People or Violectric can be sure to enjoy it for a long time.”

Christof Mallmann, Managing Director Lake people electronic GmbH

Sustainable and repairable

The outer design of the products, but also the whole inner life follows a clear structure, everything is in its place and nothing is superfluous. All components used are carefully selected and of high quality. The units are therefore absolutely timeless and have an extremely long service life, which also makes them sustainable. If something does break, the fault can be quickly traced and easily rectified thanks to the clear product design. The Lake people and Violectric brands are also known for this.

“We don’t sell witchcraft, we sell engineering – which includes the necessary care at every step from development to production. By manufacturing in our own factory, we have every aspect of the products under control and can write our good name on the front panels with a clear conscience.”

Fried Reim

Getting to the point

Fortunately, the question of how and where products are produced is increasingly coming into focus for many consumers. This also applies to consumer electronics solutions in general, as this segment has been dominated by products from the Far East for years. Of course, this is not a bad thing per se, but solutions that enable added value to be created here in Germany should be given much more focus. Lake people electronic GmbH is a good example of this, even if we must of course speak here of solutions in the premium segment, so that this model clearly occupies a special position. However, anyone who treats themselves to products in the premium segment can do so here with the certainty that this is not only developed in Germany, but is actually also manufactured.

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