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MERASON frérot – dafraud GmbH presents new power supply MERASON pow1

The MERASON frérot is the “little brother” of the MERASON DAC1 from Switzerland. Nevertheless, this D/A converter should also be able to come up with the precision that is almost proverbially inherent in solutions from Switzerland.

MERASON is a brand of the company dafraud GmbH, which was founded by Daniel Frauchiger. Since 2013, the company has been developing and building the MERASON DAC1 converter, which is described as an audiophile solution. The claim is to offer music reproduction at the highest sonic level, with an optimised layout of components selected by ear for analogue and digital circuits, reclocking of the input signal without resampling, a consistently discrete and balanced signal path, Class A buffering and, last but not least, a sophisticated power supply as essential features.

MERASON frérot – small in appearance, big in sound

The experience gained with the MERASON DAC1 was now to be implemented in a solution for the small budget, a concept from which the MERASON frérot emerged. It is largely equipped with the same technology as its big brother and has almost everything needed to perform at the highest level. This D/A converter was developed in collaboration with Niedal Audio Lab, a company that was also founded by Daniel Frauchiger in 2017.

MERASON pow1 – The new power supply

As already described, an essential component for the quality of the MERASON DAC1 is of course its particularly elaborate power supply. It’s obvious that the Swiss didn’t go to quite the same lengths with the little brother MERASON frérot, otherwise how could they achieve a significantly lower price point.

However, it is gratifying that users who have opted for the MERASON frérot now have the option of upgrading at precisely this crucial point, namely by means of the new MERASON pow1 power supply unit.

The MERASON pow1 is intended to be an inexpensive but extremely effective solution that further enhances the sound potential of the MERASON frérot.

They state that they are convinced that users who once listened to their MERASON frérot with the optional power supply will never want to do without it again.

The D/A converter gains additional quietness, homogeneity and three-dimensionality through the new MERASON frérot, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

According to information currently available from the distributor CM-Audio – Flöter Technology Service, the MERASON frérot will be available in specialist shops from the beginning of April 2021. The recommended retail price is € 690.

Getting to the point

To enhance the quality of the MERASON frérot, an optional power supply unit, the MERASON pow1, will be available from April 2021. The Swiss company dafraud GmbH is convinced that this will provide a sound image with enhanced spatiality, homogeneity and tranquillity.

Manufacturer: dafraud GmbH
Distribution: CM-Audio – Flöter Technology Service
Price:MERASON frérot € 999,-
MERASON pow1 € 690,-
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