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FiiO M11Plus – First details…

It is a DAP with a new, innovative design, according to the first announcements from FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. about the FiiO M11Plus. This initial information already shows that many innovations can be expected here.

FiiO M11Plus, with which the product range of so-called DAPs at FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. is to be expanded this year. As already known, the Chinese company concentrates on solutions in the premium segment, whereby the said FiiO M11Plus will probably play a significant role in the future.

James Chung, CEO of FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., announced at the beginning of March that the FiiO M11S, FiiO M11Plus, FiiO M15S and FiiO M17 models can be expected this year. The FiiO M11Plus is therefore in the midfield of the players that the specialist for personal audio devices is announcing as its new line-up.

FiiO M11Plus with improved configuration and new design

FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. calls the new FiiO M11Plus a DAP of the latest generation, whereby it is to feature an improved configuration as well as a new design.

At the heart of the new FiiO M11Plus is a Qualcomm 660+ with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB FLASH memory. The performance is said to have been improved once again to provide an optimal basis for smooth, intuitive operation.

Google Android 10

Once again, of course, Google Android is available as the operating system, whereby Google Android 10 is now already being used, according to the information currently available from the company.

New operating concept

The operating concept is also based on a very generously dimensioned display in the proven manner, whereby it is supposed to be a 5.5-inch 18:9 touchscreen LCD. In combination with a newly designed concept around the actual operating elements, a particularly intuitive control is to be guaranteed. FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. specifically highlights a new volume control that features slide and push controls and replaces the previous rotary encoder.

D/A converter from AKM, but perhaps with ESS in the future.

The signal processing relies on a dual DAC design based on an AKM AK4497, which is exciting because the availability of components from AKM is currently by no means given, certainly not in really relevant quantities. FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. also states that the availability of the new FiiO M11Plus will only be guaranteed in small quantities and that it might be necessary to rely on a modified design with D/A converters from ESS Technology. However, no further specifications have been given so far.

What is certain, however, is that the D/A converters in the new FiiO M11Plus can rely on even more precise clocks, known as femtosecond crystals.

Output stage from THX Ltd.

The output stage of the FiiO M11Plus will be based on an amplifier module from THX Ltd., namely a THX AAA-78, which THX Ltd. also calls the THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier and refers to it as the world’s most linear amplifier technology in the field of portable and in-car audio systems.

In terms of connections, the new FiiO M11Plus will offer everything that can be expected in the field of DAP today. A balanced 2.5 mm jack is available as well as a balanced 4.4 mm jack and an unbalanced 3.5 mm jack.

Particularly noteworthy is the information known so far about the battery. It is supposed to have 6,000 mAh and thus guarantee a very long battery life.

Aluminium or stainless steel

The newly conceived design of the FiiO M11Plus is, of course, based on a solid aluminium housing as before, but there is also supposed to be a stainless steel version of this new DAP, i.e. a particularly elegant stainless steel version. Both have dimensions of a compact 136.6 x 75.7 x 17.6 mm, but while the aluminium alloy version weighs only 310 g, the stainless steel version weighs 405 g.

As already mentioned, this is all the information James Chung has revealed so far. Further details will be announced at the FiiO 2021 Spring Launch Event. This includes especially the price that will be called for the new FiiO M11Plus. What is known, however, is that the first models of the new DAP from FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. will probably be available as early as May 2021, but, as explicitly stated several times, in very manageable quantities.

Getting to the point

As we already reported, the Chinese specialist for personal audio devices FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. wants to focus primarily on solutions in the high-end segment in the field of portable hi-res audio players. The FiiO M11Plus, for which the first details have now been announced, plays an important role. Once again, it is clear that there are still many question marks surrounding the current situation on the market due to massive delivery problems of essential core components. Even immediately before the market launch, the new FiiO M11Plus is supposed to come onto the market, at least in small quantities, as early as May 2021.

Manufacturer:FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd.
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