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MERASON frérot and MERASON pow1 now in silver and black

With the MERASON frérot, a fine D/A converter from Switzerland is available, and with the MERASON pow1, niedal audio lab AG offers the matching optional power supply. Both solutions were previously only available in silver, but now you can also choose black.

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  • The MERASON frérot D/A converter and the matching MERASON pow1 power supply are now available not only in silver but also in black.

The MERASON frérot is the “little brother” of the MERASON DAC1 or, more recently, the MERASON DAC1 MKII from the Swiss company niedal audio lab AG. Even though it is “only” the little brother, this D/A converter should also be able to offer the precision that is proverbial in solutions from Switzerland.

If you want to increase the quality of the MERASON frérot a little further, the manufacturer offers the right tool for this with the optionally available MERASON pow1 power supply unit.

MERASON frérot – small in appearance, big in sound

The experience gained with the MERASON DAC1 was to be implemented in a solution for the small budget, and based on this idea, the MERASON frérot was born. It is largely equipped with the same technology as its big brother and thus has almost everything it needs to perform at the highest level.

MERASON pow1 – Optional power supply for sound tuning

The MERASON pow1 is an inexpensive but highly effective solution that further enhances the sound potential of the MERASON frérot. The D/A converter gains additional quietness, homogeneity and three-dimensionality with the new MERASON frérot, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

No longer silver alone…

Until now, the two systems mentioned were only available in silver, but now a second design variant has been added, namely black. This will probably appeal to many users who prefer something more discreet and timelessly elegant.

Prices and availability

The MERASON frérot and MERASON pow1 are now available in silver and black for a recommended retail price of € 1.352,- for the DAC and € 792,- for the power supply. So once again the prices have been raised a little.

Getting to the point

Even if everything remains unchanged from a technical point of view, it is nevertheless pleasing that the Swiss company niedal audio lab AG now offers the MERASOL brand D/A converter, the MERASON frérot, as well as the matching MERASON pow1 power supply in silver and black.

PriceMERASON frérot € 1.352,-
MERASON pow1 € 792,-
Manufacturerdafraud GmbH
Distribution GermanyCM-Audio – Flöter Technology Service
Distribution SwitzerlandSoundrevolution Sarl
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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