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Lyngdorf Audio relies on Plāys with Audirvāna

According to Audirvāna SAS, the company is delighted to have gained another renowned company as a partner in SL Audio A/S. Lyngdorf Audio brand solutions will now be certified as Plāys with Audirvāna.

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  • Lyngdorf Audio brand solutions from Danish specialist SL Audio A/S are now certified as Plāys with Audirvāna, as Audirvāna SAS has announced.

The French software company Audirvāna SAS is successively expanding its Plāys with Audirvāna partner programme and has once again been able to win over a renowned company, namely the Danish High-end HiFi manufacturer SL Audio A/S with its Lyngdorf Audio brand. Their products are now to be certified as Plāys with Audirvāna.

This means that the brand’s products work perfectly with Audirvāna SAS software, be it Audirvāna Studio or Audirvāna Origin, both of which are available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

SL Audio A/S with Lyngdorf Audio as new Certified Partner of Audirvāna SAS

SL Audio A/S was founded in 2005 by Peter Lyngdorf with the aim of developing HiFi and home cinema solutions for music and film enthusiasts who do not want to compromise on quality.

SL Audio A/S has two brands with a resounding name: Steinway Lyngdorf and Lyngdorf Audio. For the solutions of the latter brand, SL Audio A/S is now a Certified Partner of Audirvāna SAS.

Smooth interaction between software and hardware for the best results

This ensures seamless interaction between hardware certified as Plāys with Audirvāna and the Audirvāna Studio or Audirvāna Origin software, which is an extremely flexible media management solution, but above all an excellent tool for playing back high-resolution audio data in a wide variety of formats, whether directly via hardware connected to the PC or Mac via USB, or via streaming via UPnP or Google Chromecast.

Prices and availability

In order to take full advantage of the new partnership between Audirvāna SAS and SL Audio A/S, no action is required on the part of the user if they own Lyngdorf Audio certified solutions as Plāys with Audirvāna. Accordingly, there are no additional costs.

Getting to the point

The French software company Audirvāna SAS is gradually expanding its Plāys with Audirvāna partner programme and can now welcome SL Audio A/S with the Lyngdorf Audio brand as a new Certified Partner. Plāys with Audirvāna is designed to ensure that certified solutions work optimally with Audirvāna Studio software as D/A converters or streaming clients, thus guaranteeing the best possible results.

PriceAudirvāna Studio 2 with monthly payment € 6,98 per month
Audirvāna Studio 2 subscription with annual payment € 69,98 per year
Audirvāna Origin 2 € 119,99
ManufacturerS/L Audio A/S
Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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