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Shanling EC Smart – CD player in an extravagant shape

Anyone looking for a particularly affordable desktop audio system will find it in the new Shanling EC Smart, which presents itself in a very unusual form as a CD player, has a headphone amplifier and can be easily connected to active speakers or even Bluetooth speakers.

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  • The new Shanling EC Smart, which Shanling Audio is now offering at an attractive price, is a particularly compact desktop audio system for playing audio CDs.

The Shanling company has recently been pushing the classic HiFi sector, but also solutions in the desktop audio segment, after having focussed on personal audio devices in recent years. It is interesting to note that the company is paying particular attention to the audio CD and Super Audio CD and has launched some very exciting solutions in this area.

Shanling is also focussing on audio CD with its latest desktop audio system: the Shanling EC Smart is a CD player in a very unusual shape at a particularly attractive price.

Audio CD player in an extravagant shape

The special feature of the new audio CD player from Shanling is that it presents itself in a very extravagant shape. The slim device has an aluminium housing in a subtle, matt white, with only the front in black and housing all the controls of the new Shanling EC Smart as well as a dot-matrix display.

The elongated shape with rounded corners at the top and bottom floats on a slim stand, taking up hardly any space.

Interestingly, the CD is simply fixed in place with the control panel that can be folded to the side and is therefore directly visible during playback.

High-quality CD drive, converter from Cirrus Logic

The new CD player from Shanling utilises a high-quality drive from Sanyo Denki K.K., namely a Sanyo DA11 Optical Drive, as well as a converter from Cirrus Logic Inc., specifically a Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC.

In the simplest case, audio signals are output in analogue form via a 3,5 mm stereo mini-jack, for which an RCA adapter is included in the scope of delivery. In addition, there is a headphone connection, also designed as a 3,5 mm stereo mini-jack, behind which is an SGM 8262 Operational Amplifier from SG Micro Corp. This should provide headphones with an output of 180 mW at 32 ohms, as the manufacturer promises.

Bluetooth module for integrating Bluetooth speakers

It is interesting to note that although the new Shanling EC Smart has an integrated Bluetooth module, this is primarily used to integrate Bluetooth speakers, although the signal can unfortunately only be transmitted via the lossy SBC codec.

It should also be mentioned that the new Shanling EC Smart is simply powered via USB-C, but a corresponding power supply unit is not included in the scope of delivery.

Prices and availability

The new Shanling EC Smart should be available these days, as described, in matt white. The retail price is listed at just € 149,-.

Getting to the point

The new Shanling EC Smart audio CD player is an exciting product that Shanling is now launching in the desktop audio sector. In the most compact, elegant and even extravagant form, it enables the playback of audio CDs, whereby this solution can be used directly with Bluetooth speakers.

PRODUCTShanling EC Smart
Price€ 149,-
DistributionNT Global Distribution GmbH
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