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iFi Audio LAN iSilencer - Network filter with galvanic isolation

Ensuring that there are no interfering signals over the network connection is the task of the new iFi Audio LAN iSilencer from the house of iFi Audio. The iFi Audio LAN iSilencer eliminates the electrical noise that distorts the audio signal of the network, according to the promise of iFi Audio.

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  • To provide the best possible quality in streaming solutions, the new iFi Audio LAN iSilencer serves, says iFi Audio.

The new iFi Audio LAN iSilencer, which the English company iFi Audio is now launching on the market, is designed as a network filter with galvanic isolation. This product is aimed at all those who are looking for a simple but, according to the manufacturer, particularly effective solution for optimal data transmission in the network around audio streaming.

Using the iFi Audio LAN iSilencer couldn’t be simpler, according to the manufacturer, who promises a more detailed, dynamic performance free from distracting influences when streaming music.

iFi Audio LAN iSilencer – Easy to integrate into the network

The iFi Audio LAN iSilencer is a network filter that can be easily integrated into a variety of network locations. For example, the iFi Audio LAN iSilencer can be connected directly to a network router or network switch, or to an RJ45 Ethernet port on a wall socket.

The most sensible way to use the iFi Audio LAN iSilencer, however, is to connect it directly to the RJ45 port of a streaming client and then connect the network cable directly to the iFi Audio LAN iSilencer.

Since this is not insignificant, it should be mentioned right away that the new iFi Audio LAN iSilencer supports Gigabit Ethernet, which allows a signal transmission of 1 GBit/s, without any loss in data rate, as the manufacturer explicitly emphasises.

Free from disruptive influences

In principle, it should be noted that data transmission in a network supports a wide variety of mechanisms and technologies that make it resistant to interfering influences. For some hi-fi enthusiasts, however, this does not seem to be enough, which is why there are manufacturers such as iFi Audio who meet this need with their own solutions such as the new iFi Audio LAN iSilencer.

According to iFi Audio, the iFi Audio LAN iSilencer serves to remove the electrical noise that distorts the audio signal of the network. It also reduces the background noise and other possible disturbances and network noise, as it literally says.

The company even goes so far as to talk about packet loss during data exchange, which the new iFi Audio LAN iSilencer prevents by blocking and removing interference. This solution can also effectively counteract so-called jitter and the accompanying distortions.

For this purpose, it has a shielded housing with an integrated earth cable, a zero-jitter memory buffer and galvanic isolation of the input and output. The Transient Voltage Suppressor, also known simply as TVS, also protects the devices from overvoltages and voltage peaks.

Prices and availability

The new iFi Audio LAN iSilencer is available immediately from specialist retailers. The manufacturer lists the recommended retail price at € 89,-.

Getting to the point

One thing we’re keen to point out is that network technology has a lot to offer in the way of measures to ensure interference-free signal transmission. And, if you’ll pardon the expression, when companies claim that network technology was never developed for audio and therefore requires solutions to ensure “clean” signal transmission when streaming audio, that is simply wrong.

“The network per se does not care whether it transmits data packets that represent a word file, a photo, a film or a music track, and even if many audiophiles simply do not want to admit it for whatever reason, music transmitted digitally is nothing more than zeros and ones that are transmitted accurately as packets in the network – full stop!

To what extent any interference actually has an effect on the audio quality during streaming is something that everyone can decide for themselves, as well as whether they want to counteract this interference with various aids. With the iFi Audio LAN iSilencer, such a solution is available from iFi Audio at a moderate price.

Price€ 89,-
ManufacturerIFI AUDIO
DistributionWOD Audio
More about this manufacturer at HiFi BLOG
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