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Heco In Vita Series - Uncompromising sound as a floorstanding or bookshelf speaker

High-end hi-fi in its purest form is what it is supposed to offer, the new loudspeaker series now presented by the Premium Audio Company LLC. around the Heco brand, the Heco In Vita Series. The product series includes the shelf speaker system Heco In Vita 3 as well as the floorstanding speaker system Heco In Vita 9.

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  • With uncompromising sound through a technologically advanced concept, this is the promise of the new Heco In Vita Series from Premium Audio Company LLC.

Heco In Vita Series, with this new product line the Premium Audio Company LLC. now presents new solutions of the Heco brand, whereby they have set themselves particularly high goals, since they are talking about speaker systems that are supposed to embody high-end hi-fi in its purest form. The best components and years of expertise have once again been used to realise the new Heco Vita Vista Series as solutions with uncompromising sound thanks to a technologically advanced concept.

Two loudspeaker systems form the basis of the new Heco In Vita Series: the bookshelf loudspeaker system Heco In Vita 3 and the floorstanding loudspeaker system Heco In Vita 9. Both models are designed to impress with their timelessly elegant appearance.

Heco In Vita Series – High-end in its purest form

Even though the manufacturer itself speaks of technologically advanced loudspeaker systems, the new Heco In Vita Series naturally relies on proven components, but in the latest generation.

This applies, for example, to the tweeter on which the solutions of the Heco In Vita Series are based, which presents itself with a striking so-called Fluktus geometry at the front of the speakers and relies on a 28 mm Silk Compund dome. It is also important that a particularly powerful drive is used, namely with a powerful double magnet system that is also extremely resilient thanks to ferrofluid cooling.

For the low and midrange drivers, the developers use long-fibre diaphragms made of special kraft paper, as the manufacturer himself calls it, a solution that has long been characteristic of the Heco brand. The drivers have an elegant, flat dust cap made of the same material and a long excursion surround as well as a heavy-duty voice coil form the basis for a particularly dynamic, detailed, but at the same time distortion-free reproduction. The drivers are also equipped with sturdy, aerodynamically shaped aluminium baskets, which prevent sound-damaging turbulence inside the cabinet.

Noble appearance

The loudspeaker systems of the Heco brand are mostly known for their discreet, but timelessly elegant appearance, and this should of course also apply to the solutions of the new Heco In Vita Series.

The manufacturer itself even speaks of a minimalist, noble design, despite the solidly designed cabinet made of low-resonance MDF, which is extremely stable for optimal results.

The baffle of the loudspeaker systems as well as the top is always lacquered in high gloss, whereas the side panels are finished in a matching matt lacquer. The base plate, which the manufacturer describes as solid, is again said to have a high-gloss finish.

Of course, the loudspeaker systems of the Heoc In Vita Series are delivered with a matching loudspeaker grill, whereby this has a covering of acoustic fabric in a matching colour and is held in position by means of magnets.

Available are the models of the Heco In Vita Series, the Heco In Vita 3 as well as the Heco In Vita 9, optionally in black or white.

Heco In Vita 3 – Compact Bookshelf Loudspeaker System

The Heco In Vita 3 is supposed to be a loudspeaker system that represents a compromise only in terms of size, because it proves to be the ideal solution for rooms where space is limited, but delivers outstanding, convincing sound.

The 170 mm bass-midrange driver in combination with the 28 mm tweeter is responsible for this, while a bass reflex system is also responsible for sovereignty in the lowest frequency range.

The Heco In Vita 3 is a two-way bass reflex system with an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms and an efficiency of 90 dB, designed for amplifiers with a power of 20 to 160 watts, covering a frequency range between 30 Hz and 43 kHz. The crossover frequency is shown as 2.8 kHz.

The Heco In Vita 3 measures 205 x 477 x 333 mm and stands on resonance-absorbing feet.

Heco In Vita 9 – Slim floor-standing speaker system

The new Heco In Vita 9 is said to offer a particularly detailed and powerful sound. This is a floorstanding speaker designed as a three-way bass reflex system.

Three woofers with a diameter of 170 mm each are used, as well as a 170 mm midrange driver, and a 28 mm dome tweeter is responsible for the upper frequency range.

With an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms, an efficiency of 92 dB and a recommended amplifier power of 30 to 380 watts, the Heco In Vita 9 should be able to reproduce a frequency range between 23 Hz and 43 kHz, whereby the crossover starts at 350 Hz and also at 3 kHz.

The Heco In Vita 9 measures no more than 290 x 1,150 393 mm including stand and rear terminal.

Prices and availability

The new models of the Heco In Vita Series should be available from specialist dealers with immediate effect. As already mentioned, you can choose between black and white for this model series. The recommended retail price for the bookshelf loudspeaker system Heco In Vita 3 is € 999,-, that for the Heco In Vita 9 € 1.499,-, whereby in both cases these are pair prices.

Getting to the point

Pure music, that’s what the new Heco In Vita Series stands for, according to the promise of Premium Audio Group LLC. with this product line, the latest model series of the Heco brand is presented. In a tried and tested manner, the company wants to offer solutions with a particularly outstanding price-performance ratio, both in the form of the bookshelf loudspeaker system Heco In Vita 3 and the floorstanding loudspeaker system Heco In Vita 9.

PriceHeco In Vita 3 € 999,- per pair
Heco In Vita 9 € 1.499,- per pair
ManufacturerPremium Audio Company LLC.
DistributionPremium Audio Company Germany GmbH
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