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EsseCI Design is once again expanding its range of accessory solutions with a special product, namely the EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0 solution. Dipl. Ing. Silvano Cremonesi promises with it a unique system for the optimal placement of hi-fi components.

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  • Nothing less than the ultimate solution for decoupling hi-fi components is said to be available with EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0.

EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0, this is the latest development of the Italian Dipl. Ing. Silvano Cremonesi and his design forge EsseCI Design. It is a system that is supposed to be nothing less than the ultimate solution for decoupling hi-fi components, according to the company’s promise. The optimal placement of hi-fi components, completely free of disturbing influences, is supposed to allow them to reveal their full potential.

The company from South Tyrol has once again dedicated itself to this topic, but this time it is taking a completely different approach than with previous products.

EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0 – A new concept

EsseCI Design has so far been able to present a particularly exciting product, or rather a product series, namely the so-called EsseCI Design RELAXA Series, which could also be called a floating isolation platform.

In fact, the manufacturer itself refers to this as an isolation floating board, and with good reason, since powerful neodymium magnets are used here, which serve as the most important element of the solution, which otherwise consists of tempered glass and a frame made of Valchromat. Ultimately, the units float, there is no longer any connection to the surface on which they are placed.

The latest solution, EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0, however, uses a completely different, a completely new principle.

A complex structure with different materials

With the new EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0, the developer relies on an almost classic principle for optimal decoupling, namely the combination of various materials that dampen the mechanical vibrations as effectively as possible.

In this specific case, the EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0 consists of two aluminium parts, two O-rings and so-called Memory-Cyl elements, which could also be described as cylinders, but whose specific material is not disclosed.

The aluminium parts are designed in such a way that there is a concave recess inside the base, where the Memory-Cyl elements are inserted, namely the red elements in the corners, the blue elements in between. Then the top is placed on top as a convex counterpart, and the O-rings are inserted on the bottom and top of the aluminium parts, so that the decoupling elements are completely assembled.

The manufacturer explicitly points out that for an optimal effect, it is best to use an additional low-resonance base plate, as spikes or feet that are not really placed in the centre of the EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0 could lead to the units no longer being really horizontal and an even distribution of force is not guaranteed.

Speaking of force distribution, the special design is intended to guarantee an optimal effect regardless of the weight of the hi-fi components, whereby the maximum load for a set of four is stated by the manufacturer to be 70 kg.

It should also be mentioned that in the EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0 the lower aluminium element has dimensions of 80 x 80 mm, the upper 90 x 90 mm, so the latter is the measure of all things. The height of the entire assembly is given as 20 mm.

Prices and availability

The new EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0 are to be available immediately, in the colour variants grey. Black and Blue, although this is purely “cosmetic” and therefore has no effect on function. The recommended retail price is given as € 899,- for a set of four.

Getting to the point

It is a completely new system that the South Tyrolean specialists from EsseCI Design, under the direction of Dipl. Ing. Silvano Cremonesi, have now come up with, although they have once again dedicated themselves to the topic of optimal decoupling of hi-fi components. According to the manufacturer, the EsseCI Design Isol Coupling 8.0 should work so effectively that any negative effect caused by vibrations can be prevented in the beginning and the optimal potential of the hi-fi components can be achieved.

Price€ 899,-
ManufacturerEsseCI Design
DistributionCMI Distribution Europe
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