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Electrocompaniet – New firmware and new EC Play App 1.8

The music streaming service Spotify is the focus of the latest firmware that the Norwegian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Electrocompaniet A/S now offers for its streaming products. New versions of the app for Apple iOS and Google Android are also available.

The streaming systems of the Norwegian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Electrocompaniet A/S can now be updated with a new firmware. This firmware is primarily dedicated to the integration of the Spotify music streaming service and is specifically intended to enable the use of Spotify Free. In addition, the company states that this firmware is already prepared for future innovations that Spotify will make in the functionality of its offer.

In addition, new versions of the EC Play app are now available for controlling the streaming solutions from Electrocompaniet A/S, both for mobile devices with Google Android and Apple iOS.

The fact that the new version of the EC Play app now supports a number of new languages will probably only be relevant for a few users in this country, given that the languages involved are Japanese, Italian and Serbian, but it is interesting that the integration of Spotify, including Spotify Free, is initially the focus here as well. But that’s not all, EC Play 1.8 also offers various detailed improvements.

It is supposed to offer extended options for the integration of new devices and a series of bug fixes and improvements to the user interface.

These include support for split screen mode on corresponding devices, the possibility of volume control even when no music is being played, and the display of more detailed information from systems in the network.

Prices and availability

As always, the firmware update is available free of charge for all streaming systems of the Electrocompaniet Classic Line and EC Living Series. This also applies to the latest version of the EC Play App 1.8 for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Getting to the point

It’s a firmware update aimed primarily at users who use the Spotify music streaming service, which is now offered by the Norwegian high-end hi-fi company Electrocompaniet A/S. Since this also supports the use of Spotify Free, the target group should be quite large, especially since this firmware update is available for all current streaming solutions of the Electrocompaniet Classic Line as well as the EC Living Series. In addition, the EC Play App 1.8 is a new version of the controller app for Apple iOS and Google Android, which brings with it a series of detailed improvements.

Pricefree firmware update
ManufacturerElectrocompaniet A/S
DistributionMRV Audio
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