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final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones – For true enjoyment

Based on the latest research results in acoustics and psychoacoustics, the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones are now presented by the Japanese specialist final Inc. as a solution of the highest audiophile quality.

final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones, a new, classic, wireless earphone of the highest audiophile quality, is the promise of the Japanese headphone specialist final Inc. The company claims to have used the latest proprietary technologies, which in turn are based on the latest research results in acoustics and psychoacoustics. The declared goal of the Japanese is to offer a solution with the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones that makes every piece of music a true pleasure.

final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones based on the final E3000

final Inc. states that the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones are based on the final E3000, which was introduced in 2017, but have been completely redesigned in terms of sound character.

When the final E3000 was launched, the market demanded solutions that immediately impressed with a rich sound, thus emphasising both low and high frequencies.

In contrast, with the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones, the company has decided to realise a very neutral, natural sound character, deliberately avoiding any emphasis and instead, according to the manufacturer, relying on the latest findings in acoustics and psychoacoustics to guarantee a very pleasant, relaxing music experience for hours.

According to the manufacturer, the final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones are not meant to score with a big surprise effect at the first listening, but to convince with a pure music enjoyment. They claim to have created a new reference in this segment with the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones.

Big challenge – hardly any space for electronics, antennas and battery

Especially for specialists like final Inc., who rely on sophisticated drivers and special housing designs to achieve the best possible sound, True Wireless In-ear Headphones are a special challenge, since they have to accommodate electronics, antennas and battery, and the space for these is naturally very limited.

Closed construction – final f-LINK damping system

Another challenge was to design the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones in such a way that its housing is now completely waterproof, so that it can be used in any weather conditions. This means that it is no longer possible to control the air pressure inside through appropriate openings, according to final Inc.

A fully enclosed housing on in-ear headphones causes the sound to seem almost stifling at low frequencies and there is a degradation in overall clarity due to the auditory masking effect, the manufacturer says, adding that popular brands counteract this by boosting high frequencies to restore clarity, but this causes fatigue after prolonged listening.

Instead, he says, final Inc. has developed a new final f-LINK damping system that optimises the pressure in the acoustic space inside the earphone housing to produce sound equivalent to wired headphones, without the need for vents.

This system is said to be not only waterproof, but produces well-controlled tones in the low frequency range and is similar to the natural sound production of the final E3000, but now as Truly Wireless Earphones.

Against distortion – final f-Core for Wireless Driver

Another problem is distortion, according to final Inc. Today, distortion in high-quality audio equipment such as amplifiers and D/A converters is extremely low, around 0.0001%. In contrast, the distortion generated by the driver unit in the headphones is usually more than 3% in the low frequency range, even in high quality headphones.

So there is more than 30,000 times as much distortion in the conversion of electrical signals into sound that takes place in the driver unit of the headphones, as final Inc. notes, and of course a significantly reduced distortion would dramatically improve sound quality.

Therefore, they have reviewed the entire manufacturing process and developed the new final f-Core for Wireless Driver. This is a newly developed driver unit that achieves extremely low distortion. As a result, every fine detail of a note becomes audible, even the decay of the reverb can be heard to the end and the vastness of the musical space can be felt, according to the promise of the Japanese specialist.

Foto © final Inc | final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones
Foto © final Inc | final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones

Key Technical Data

final Inc. uses the new final f-Core for Wireless Driver in the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones. The driver is housed in a solid case equipped with the final f-LINK damping system, is IPX4 certified and therefore water resistant, and has an ergonomic design for optimal wearing comfort.

Comfort is further enhanced by the final Type E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition ear tips, which are included in sizes SS, S, M, L and LL and are designed to provide a natural image and good shielding from ambient noise with an optimal fit.

The frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz is due to the signal transmission via Bluetooth, relying on Bluetooth 5.2 from the specialist Qualcomm and supporting the Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HSP and HFP. The signal is transmitted via the Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC, aptX or aptX Adaptive.

Since the two earpieces are controlled separately, it is also possible to use only one of the two, e.g. for telephoning, whereby the manufacturer speaks of single-ear mode.

A 35 mAh battery is integrated, which is supposed to last for up to seven hours, whereby the scope of delivery naturally includes a matching charging case, which is equipped with a 300 mAh battery, so that a total of up to 35 hours can be achieved away from the power socket. Charging is via USB-C, and the corresponding cable is part of the scope of delivery.

Prices and availability

The new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones will be offered in two versions, namely black or white, whereby a so-called Shibo finish is used in both cases, as well as for the charging case. The recommended retail price is listed at € 139,-.

Getting to the point

The development of the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones took a little more time, according to the Japanese specialist final Inc, but they didn’t want to settle for anything less than the best and therefore had to lay some essential foundations. The new final f-LINK damping system, for example, ensures a natural sound similar to that of wired headphones. The new final f-Core for Wireless Driver, with its extremely low distortion, offers a sound quality that is undoubtedly different from that of conventional wireless earphones. The aim is to reproduce the clear and natural sound intended by the artist through the lowest possible distortion. All in all, the new final ZE3000 Truly Wireless Earphones are a true wireless in-ear headphone that can satisfy even the highest audiophile demands.

Price€ 139,-
Manufacturerfinal Inc.
DistributionAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
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