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Electrocompaniet – EC PLAY App available in new version 1.6

It is not only a service release, but Electrocompaniet AS is talking about a major update around the availability of the EC PLAY App 1.6, which on the one hand brings support for numerous additional languages, but in particular one or two new features.

EC PLAY App is the central remote app for the streaming solutions of the Norwegian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Electrocompaniet AS. In addition to the streaming solutions of the Electrocompaniet Classic Line, it also controls the systems of the EC Living Series, the product line that the Norwegians offer as extremely elegant lifestyle solutions.

EC PLAY App for Electrocompaniet Classic Line and EC Living Series

For both product lines, the EC PLAY app promises intuitive control of all streaming functions. You can use it to access your own content on the network as well as various online streaming offers.

Now this app is available in its latest version, as EC PLAY App 1.6. According to the manufacturer, this is a major update that brings with it a host of significant new features. Some of them are obvious, others love in disguise, but represent an essential basis for future innovations.

EC PLAY App 1.6 in new languages

Probably the most obvious innovation of the EC PLAY App 1.6 is that it is now available in numerous languages. Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, and yes, the app is now also available in German.

New Landscape Mode for Tablets

Another new feature is that the app now supports the so-called landscape mode on tablets, enabling a much clearer, more generous display.

Of course, this innovation applies to tablets with Apple iOS as well as Google Android.

Something else is coming…

Then there are the innovations already mentioned, which are found below the surface and are therefore not visible to the user. Not yet, at least, because as the developers state, the new version of the app is the basis for some future improvements and extensions, about which they do not want to reveal anything for the time being. As an open secret, however, the support of TIDAL Connect can be mentioned in passing, as well as the fact that this will be available very, very soon, we won’t give too much away…

The supported systems in detail

The EC PLAY app is available for Apple iOS and Google Android and can be used for the systems EC Living Tana SL2 and EC Living Tana L2, EC Living Tana SL1 and EC Living Tana L1 as well as EC Living Rena SA1, all from the EC Living Series. For the Electrocompaniet Classic Line, the app is used to control the Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX MKII Integrated Amplifier, Electrocompaniet ECM 1 MKII Network Streamer, Electrocompaniet ECM 1 Network Streamer and Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX Integrated Amplifier systems.

Getting to the point

With the new EC PLAY App 1.6, the Norwegian high-end hi-fi manufacturer offers the latest remote app for the streaming solutions of the Electrocompaniet Classic Line as well as the EC Living Series. In addition to multi-language support, including German, the new version offers a new landscape mode on tablets. Furthermore, it lays the foundation for future expansions, about which they do not want to reveal too much at the moment.

Manufacturer: Electrocompaniet A/S
Distribution: MRV Audio
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