All white – System Audio A/S delivers SA Speaker in white with white grill

All in white, that’s how the loudspeaker systems from System Audio A/S present themselves on request. For the models in white design, the corresponding loudspeaker grille is now also completely in white.

The company System Audio A/S has always been regarded as a loudspeaker specialist that, among other things, consistently pursues the goal of developing solutions that are particularly easy to integrate into the living environment.

The solutions from System Audio A/S are therefore primarily aimed at users who see their audio system, be it classic stereo or home cinema, as part of their living space, who value high-quality systems, but want them in as compact a form as possible.

System Audio A/S therefore has a very broad range of very slim, extremely elegant, but at the same time technically impeccably equipped loudspeaker systems in the premium segment, even if the bottom line is essentially the two product lines System Audio SA Legend Series and System Audio SA Saxo Series.

The fact that the company, founded by Ole Witthoft and based in Roskilde, Denmark, is also very intensively involved in active loudspeaker systems rounds off the picture briefly sketched here. This product line is called System Audio SA Silverback Series.

Although System Audio A/S, as described, places a lot of emphasis on a slim, equally elegant design of its solutions, it is surprising that black and white are used almost without exception.

While the loudspeaker systems in black have of course always been offered with a black loudspeaker grille, the solutions in white have so far also relied on a black loudspeaker grille.

System Audio A/S is not alone in doing this, many manufacturers on the market do so, whereby the main reason is quite banal and practical.

It turns out that the production of a pure white loudspeaker grille is not that easy, especially that it maintains this pure white tone over a longer period of time.

Now System Audio S/A offers a white grill for the white versions of the speaker systems ex works, the Danes announce in a press release.

The matter is now even turned around, those who prefer a black grill for their white speaker from Denmark must order this separately.

Getting to the point

System Audio A/S is considered to be one of those loudspeaker specialists that not only focuses on particularly slim solutions, but also prides itself on all the virtues of typical Scandinavian design. This should contribute to the fact that the solutions from System Audio A/S can be integrated particularly harmoniously into a modern living environment. It is also fitting that white loudspeaker systems are now offered with a pure white loudspeaker grill as standard. However, a black version of the grille can still be selected for white speakers.

Manufacturer:System Audio A/S
Distribution:Robert Ross Audiophile Produkte GmbH
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