Austrian Audio Hi-X15 Professional Over-ear Headphone

The new headphones from Austrian Audio GmbH in the form of the Austrian Audio Hi-X15 are said to offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The closed headphones are also described as a true workhorse for daily use.

Austrian Audio GmbH is now expanding the Austrian Audio Hi-X series with the new Austrian Audio Hi-X15, and these are said to be very special headphones. The company from Vienna speaks of a true workhorse that is offered at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Nevertheless, and this is the really crucial thing, it is supposed to be a closed headphone that can come up with precise sound true to the company’s philosophy.

Austrian Audio Hi-X15 – The workhorse

When the Austrian company speaks of a workhorse, it refers primarily to the use in the professional environment, because this is the primary métier with which Austrian Audio GmbH has been dealing since its founding.

The solutions follow the tradition that a large part of the staff already pursued under another flag, after all, this comes from the specialist AKG, to recall this.

The fact that Austrian Audio GmbH is now also dedicated to the area of Professional Audio Solutions is obvious, and leads to the fact that especially in the area of headphones, the company focuses on products that can boast a particularly precise sound, and are thus ideally designed for objective evaluation in the recording studio.

This, in turn, means that the solutions of Austrian Audio GmbH are essentially also interesting for demanding hi-fi enthusiasts, because they also want music to be presented exactly as it was produced in the studio by the artists.

  • Austrian Audio Hi-X15
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X15
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X15
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X15
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X15
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X15

Reliable sound

Austrian Audio GmbH promotes the new Austrian Audio Hi-X15 by saying that it is exactly the right tool when it comes to reliably assessing sound.

At its heart is a driver with so-called High Excursion Driver Technology, which has a diameter of 44 mm and was developed from scratch in this form. The driver relies on a ring magnet system in conjunction with a copper-clad aluminum voice coil, so that the weight of the moving mass is reduced to a minimum. This leads to a significantly faster and more precise movement of the diaphragm and thus ultimately to the desired exact reproduction over a wide frequency range and with equally exact reproduction of the dynamics.

Broken down to sober numbers, this means that the new Austrian Audio Hi-X15 can map a frequency range between 12 Hz and 24 kHz, with an impedance of 25 ohms, and a sensitivity of 113 dB.

Solid construction designed for durability and comfort

The Austrian Audio Hi-X15 relies on a particularly solid construction. The hinges, for example, are made of metal, and the headphones also have a special folding mechanism that allows them to be folded compactly for transport.

It is also very important that the ear pads are very soft, here one relies on so-called memory foam.

The cable is detachable, which improves safety, because after all, the cable is usually the weak point of headphones in daily use. It has a practical length of 1.4 m and ends in a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack plug. An adapter to 6.3 mm jack is included.

Austrian Audio Hi-X15

Particularly attractive price

A very important point concerning the new Austrian Audio Hi-X15 is its price. The manufacturer explicitly emphasizes the excellent price-performance ratio here, after all, the new Austrian Audio Hi-X15 is to be available immediately for just € 99.

Getting to the point

The new ear-enclosing, closed headphone of the Austrian Audio Hi-X series shines with characteristics, which the enterprise Austria audio GmbH from Vienna already uses to a large extent with the remaining models of the product line, and thus unmistakable tools for the employment in the studio, in addition, for HiFi Enthusiasten feil offers. The really exciting thing in this case is that all this is offered at a very attractive price, so the new Austrian Audio Hi-X15 is not only a true workhorse for everyday use, but also a solution with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Manufacturer:Austrian Audio GmbH
Distribution:Austrian Audio GmbH
Price:€ 99,-

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