Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT – Ear Wrapping Bluetooth Headphones

For the first time, Austrian Audio GmbH presents the new Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT, a Bluetooth-based, wireless, ear-enclosing headphone designed for the highest demands.

Austrian Audio GmbH is breaking new ground with the new Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT, because for the first time the company from Vienna, which specializes primarily in the development and production of solutions in the professional environment, is presenting a headphone that presents itself as a Bluetooth headphone and can thus probably appeal to a particularly broad customer base.

The manufacturer speaks of a professional, wireless, ear-enclosing Bluetooth headphone with the highest sound precision.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT – The Hybrid

It is particularly interesting that Austrian Audio GmbH even calls the new Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT a hybrid, because it is not only a Bluetooth headphone, but also a model that can be operated via cable. If you connect a cable, the signal processing is not digital, as is the case with Bluetooth, but analog.

The declared goal of the developers was to realize with the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT a headphone that can be used in the most diverse situations, starting with professional use and the highest demands on sound quality, to listening to music on the road and there with the convenience that Bluetooth and thus free of cable can offer.

New standards in connectivity

That the manufacturer of the new Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT thus speaks of new standards that this sets in terms of connectivity, is quite understandable, after all, so far – to our knowledge – no other manufacturer in the professional field pursues such a flexible concept.

The simplest way to connect the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT is via a classic cable, but in this case, a special cable is used. This has the usual 3.5 mm jack on one end, but a USB-C is used on the other end to establish the connection with the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT. The cable has a practical length of 1.4 meters.

If you choose “digital”, a USB-C to USB-C cable with a length of 1.2 m is used to connect to a PC or Mac, for example, where the converter built into the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT is used. The integrated battery of the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT is also charged via USB-C, which should be mentioned at this point.

The second “digital” option for controlling the device is Bluetooth, and the new Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT relies on Bluetooth 5.0.

  • Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT
  • Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

Driver with High Excursion Technology

The focus of the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT is of course a very special driver, namely the brand new 44 mm Hi-X driver. This was, according to the manufacturer, developed from scratch and relies on the so-called High Excursion Technology.

Said High Excursion Technology enables an improved airflow and offers the strongest magnetic field in its class.

Using a ring magnet system in conjunction with a copper-clad aluminum voice coil, the weight of the moving masses is to be reduced to an absolute minimum, thus guaranteeing significantly faster movements and directional changes than conventional designs. This leads to a greatly improved reproduction of transients and level peaks, which, according to Austrian Audio GmbH, guarantees a particularly precise reproduction down to the low bass range.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT offers a frequency range of 12 Hz to 24 kHz, with an impedance of only 25 ohms. The manufacturer specifies a sensitivity of 113 dB.

Simple control, long battery runtime

Of course, a control option directly on the headphones should not be missing, as long as they are connected to the source device on a “digital” level, i.e. via USB-C or Bluetooth. The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT features a simple and intuitive touch control.

The battery runtime of the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT is particularly remarkable; the manufacturer claims up to 30 hours for the installed lithium-polymer battery.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

High wearing comfort

Especially a specialist for professional solutions like Austrian Audio GmbH is naturally very concerned that its solutions can be used without problems and therefore comfortably for hours. This also applies to the new Audio Hi-X25BT, which is supposed to have particularly soft ear pads made of so-called memory foam.

In addition, and this is also not insignificant, one paid attention to a particularly solid processing, such as by hinges made of metal. This should guarantee a long durability even under the harshest conditions.

The new Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT should already be available these days at the recommended retail price of € 149.

Getting to the point

Within shortest time the enterprise Austrian audio GmbH acquired itself an impeccable reputation – no miracle, finally one knows, from where large parts of the staff come and that thus decades at experience and expertise as basis for the development are available. This is also used for the conception of the new Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT and thus the first Bluetooth headphones of the company, which presents itself as a hybrid and can thus be used equally on a digital and analog level. From the studio to music enjoyment on the road, the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT should be ready for anything.

Manufacturer:Austrian Audio GmbH
Distribution:Austrian Audio GmbH
Price:€ 149,-

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