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Audiolab DC Block 6 - Mains filter and DC blocker

The new device from IAG Ltd. of the Audiolab brand presents itself in the form of the Audiolab DC Block 6 and thus as a power supply unit that comes up with six connections, but also functions as a mains filter and DC blocker.

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  • The new Audiolab DC Block 6 is designed as a power supply unit with six connections as well as a mains filter and DC blocker.

With the new Audiolab DC Block 6, IAG Ltd. once again addresses the issue of an optimal power supply with an Audiolab-branded solution, a product that is designed to be easily placed in a hi-fi rack along with other Audiolab-branded products, as it takes up their design line and presents itself as an elegant hi-fi compoment.

In fact, however, it is a power supply with six connections, so that sufficient capacities are offered even for a well-equipped hi-fi chain, and a mains filter as well as a DC blocker are supposed to guarantee “clean current”.

Audiolab DC Block 6 for better sound

The manufacturer is convinced that “clean current” is the decisive basis for better sound. However, this is not always guaranteed, citing two major problems in particular.

Firstly, according to IAG Ltd., there is the problem that there is no pure alternating current coming out of the socket, but a low but clearly audible direct voltage. This can, for example, drive toroidal transformers into saturation and cause audible mechanical vibrations.

The Audiolab DC Block 6 corrects the DC offset and rebalances the sine wave in the mains, according to the manufacturer’s promise around this new solution.

On the other hand, a powerful filter circuit removes RFI/EMI impurities from the mains supply. This effectively reduces both differential noise, which is amplified by cheap switched-mode power supplies from other devices in the home, and common-mode noise, generated by interference from telephones, WLAN networks and Bluetooth.

Thus, the Audiolab DC Block 6 ensures optimised sound quality for all devices connected to one of the six IEC power outputs.

Prices and availability

The new Audiolab DC Block 6 is available immediately from specialist dealers. The recommended retail price is € 399,-. Customers can choose between black or white.

Getting to the point

With the new Audiolab DC Block 6, IAG Ltd. offers a power supply with six connections, which is also equipped with a mains filter and DC blocker. Of course, this is primarily aimed at users who own an Audiolab hi-fi system, as it picks up on their design line and ensures a particularly elegant combination with them in the hi-fi rack.

Price€ 399,-
ManufacturerIAG Group Ltd.
DistributionIAD Audio GmbH
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