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Audioblock The Flame - Bluetooth Speaker as atmospheric table fire

The perfect combination of atmospheric fire and timeless design with the functionality of a Bluetooth speaker is supposed to be ready with the new Audioblock The Flame. It joins the product series Block Specials, in which the company Audioblock GmbH can always provide surprises.

With the new Audioblock The Flame, Audioblock GmbH presents a truly exceptional product that can literally ignite the interest of many a customer due to its unique features. There are already plenty of Bluetooth speakers on the market, in different price ranges, different shapes and with different features. One could therefore think that there is nothing that is not available…

Audioblock GmbH is now clearly proving us wrong, because there has never been anything like the new Audioblock The Flame on the market before.

Audioblock The Flame – New at the Block Specials

It is solutions that are not commonplace, that represent something special, that the German company Audioblock GmbH presents as so-called Block Specials. These now include the new Audioblock The Flame as an outstanding Bluetooth speaker.

One could speak of a kind of table lamp if one wants to describe the new Audioblock The Flame in a nutshell, whereby one clearly picks up on the trend towards ethanol lamps that has been observed for quite some time. This is exactly what the new Audioblock The Flame is, and it fully lives up to its name.

Audioblock The Flame as a table lamp with flame based on ethanol

Numerous manufacturers offer such solutions, but so far no one has gone so far as to realise a table lamp with a real flame based on ethanol in the form of a Bluetooth speaker, which is what Audioblock GmbH is doing with the new Audioblock The Flame.

The new Audioblock The Flame measures 412 mm in height and 166 mm in diameter and thus weighs 3.4 kg. This guarantees a solid stand in the open air, so even a gust of wind cannot harm this solution.

As befits a table lamp, the upper part has a glass cylinder, while the lower part houses the ethanol burner and the entire electronics.

By the way, the manufacturer explicitly points out that they recommend the use of burning gel, an assessment that we can only agree with from our own experience with such fuels. Compared to liquid bioethanol, burning gel is more expensive, but much easier and safer to use.

It should also be mentioned that Audioblock The Flame also has LED lighting, so it is not absolutely necessary to light a flame to create atmospheric conditions, although the result probably does not come close to the “original”.

Bluetooth Speaker with 360° Sound

Audioblock The Flame naturally also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, whereby smartphones are used as the primary source. These can be controlled directly via a touch function on Audioblock The Flame. As an alternative, Audioblock The Flame also offers an analogue input in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack.

The new Audioblock The Flame is said to have a power output of 15 watts, which is used to drive a broadband driver that is supposed to provide a 360° all-round sound.

According to the manufacturer, the new Audioblock The Flame’s integrated battery with 7.4 V and 2,400 mAh should provide a playing time of up to seven hours. This is easily enough for a relaxing evening on the terrace, where it can also be a little later. Charging is via a USB-C interface.

Prices and availability

The new Audioblock The Flame is available immediately, either in black or white. The recommended retail price is € 299,-. By the way, the scope of delivery includes everything needed for operation, including the utensils required for the integrated ethanol burner.

Getting to the point

Audioblock GmbH is always good for a surprise, so it comes as no surprise that with the new Audioblock The Flame, they are launching a Bluetooth speaker of a very special kind. This is a solution that is not only intended to provide fine sound on the terrace, but also functions here as an elegant table lamp based on an ethanol burner and can thus convey a particularly cosy atmosphere.

Price€ 299,-
ManufacturerAudioblock GmbH
Distribution AustriaAudio Vertrieb by HZ Electronics
Distribution GermanyAudioblock GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandAudioblock GmbH
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