Yamaha YH-L700A – Immersive soundscapes and ANC

With the new Yamaha YH-L700A, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH offers a new over-ear Bluetooth headphone that comes up with some special features, first of all an immersive sound experience based on Yamaha CINEMA DSP algorithms and ANC.

It is said to be the new flagship in the segment of Bluetooth headphones from the house of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, which is now presented with the new Yamaha YH-L700A. It is to herald a series of new wireless ANC headphones, all of which shine with a wealth of innovative features.

As the top model, the new Yamaha YH-L700A actually offers pretty much everything you’d expect from such a solution, starting with wireless signal transmission via the latest Bluetooth standard, integrated active noise cancellation and DSP algorithms for optimal performance, all the way to immersive 3D sound.

Yamaha YH-L700A – Best HiFi sound in all circumstances

It is particularly interesting that Yamaha Music Europe GmbH does not clearly assign the new Yamaha YH-L700A to a special task, rather one speaks of a solution, which is to offer in all situations no less than HiFi sound.

Thus the new Yamaha YH-L700A is suitable for at home as well as on the way, so the promise of the manufacturer.

The spectrum ranges from home theater sound on the couch in the living room, the piano concert for relaxed work, or snappy beats for on the road, so Yamaha Music Europe GmbH describes the wide range of possibilities of the new Yamaha YH-L700A.

Reference technology as a basis

The new Yamaha YH-L700A is said to be equipped with everything needed for an outstanding sound, and this starts with a sophisticated driver that has a diameter of 40 mm and guarantees a particularly wide transmission range. For this, you can find the specification 8 Hz up to 40 kHz in the spec sheet.

The signal is transmitted via Bluetooth 5.0 based on a DSP from Qualcomm, whereby AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive are also supported besides SBC.

DSP-based signal processing

With Bluetooth headphones, you can’t avoid “electronics” anyway, so what could be more obvious than to use this for many tasks, such as a very sophisticated DSP-based signal processing…

In the new Yamaha YH-L700A, this starts with an algorithm that constantly analyzes the playback and optimizes it accordingly, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH refers to this as a Listening Optimizer.

The sound is constantly analyzed via internal microphones, and the tightness on the ear is also measured via the air pressure inside the earphones. Every 20 seconds, the electronics check these measurement results and optimize the playback accordingly. This is supposed to ensure reference-level sound, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

Another essential aspect is the active noise cancelling system, as it guarantees interference-free music enjoyment at all times, even in somewhat louder environments.

Advanced Active Noise Cancelling System

Here we must emphasize that the new Yamaha YH-L700A not only has a “simple” Active Noise Cancelling function, the manufacturer refers to this as an Advanced Active Noise Cancelling System.

According to the manufacturer, the Advanced Active Noise Cancelling System is an innovative technology that retains the sound of the best hi-fi components even with maximum attenuation of external noise. The unique algorithm analyzes not only the external noise, but also the playback, as well as the measurement results of the just mentioned Listening Optimizer. This enables an extremely precise analysis of the frequencies to be eliminated and thus leads to the greatest possible efficiency with minimal influence on the music signal. Whether on an airplane, on a bicycle next to a construction site, or in the great outdoors, the Yamaha YH-L700A always delivers absolutely perfect sound free of any background noise.

If desired, however, you can also specify that you are not completely disconnected from the environment. The so-called Ambient Mode lets sounds through if necessary and thus enables smooth communication.

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  • Yamaha YH L700A 06

Yamaha Listening Care System

Another key feature of the Yamaha YH-L700A is the Yamaha Listening Care System. Since headphones rest directly against the ear, they can damage hearing with excessive use, but the Yamaha YH-L700A takes care of its user, as the manufacturer itself puts it.

Yamaha’s Listening Care System analyzes the particular piece of music and protects against excessive levels without altering the overall volume. A four-band correction equalizer filters out harmful frequencies in a very short time window of 0.7 seconds – based on the average volume heard over the last five seconds. For a natural-sounding result, the corrections are made gradually and continuously, while at the same time the algorithm plays seamlessly with the Advanced Active Noise Cancelling System and the Listening Optimizer – for long-lasting sound enjoyment that is perfectly tuned to the user.

Three-dimensional sound experience

The Yamaha YH-L700A not only provides good stereo sound, but is also intended to offer sound in all dimensions. After all, as a leading supplier of high-quality home theater systems, Yamaha can look back on more than thirty years of experience with immersive solutions, which it is now also applying to the headphone segment.

In order to be able to realize fascinating three-dimensional sound worlds directly at the head, the unique Yamaha CINEMA DSP processing was decisively developed further. The proprietary HRTF technology (Head-related Transfer Function) of the Yamaha YH-L700A generates binaural sound fields from the two-channel sound and ensures a completely free sound image detached from the head with pin-sharp localization of individual instruments in the virtual space.

Thrilling gaming performances, fascinating separation of dialogue and music in movies, or the experience of a wonderful concert hall – the Yamaha YH-L700A perfectly brings out the sound with seven precisely tuned DSP modes and creates an unimagined spatiality, according to the manufacturer.

The 3D Sound Field, including the DSP settings, works independently of the player and the various audio formats and, together with head tracking, provides completely new, high-resolution audio enjoyment.

Endurance runner

Of course, over-ear Bluetooth headphones offer developers more scope for integrating powerful batteries than in-ear headphones, for example. Nevertheless, the fact that the new Yamaha YH-L700A offers a playing time of up to 34 hours should be explicitly emphasized.

Voice control included

Of course, the microphones integrated into the new Yamaha YH-L700A can also be used quite simply for phone calls on the go, and they also allow the use of voice control solutions, be it Apple Siri or Google Android.

Of course, an app should not be missing, which is available with the Yamaha Headphones Controller app for Apple iOS as well as for Google Android.

The new Yamaha YH-L700A should already be available these days at the recommended retail price of € 549, – in specialized stores.

Getting to the point

The new Yamaha YH-L700A is a prime example of what modern, innovative headphones are capable of. Here Yamaha Music Europe GmbH combines all technologies that not only provide a fine sound image, but also open up three-dimensional sound worlds. And this regardless of whether you use the new Yamaha YH-L700A at home or on the road.

Manufacturer:Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Distribution:Yamaha Music Europe GmbH
Price:€ 549,-
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