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VPI Titan Direct Turntable – A statement as a new standard

VPI Industries' declared aim is to once again raise the bar when it comes to the performance of records," says VPI Industries about the developers' intentions for the new VPI Titan Direct Turntable, which the high-end hi-fi manufacturer will present at the High End 2023 in Munich.

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  • 45 years of experience are said to have gone into the new record player that VPI Industries is now presenting at the High End 2023 in the form of the VPI Titan Direct Turntable.

It is already prominently in the name what exactly distinguishes the latest record player VPI Titan Direct Turntable by the specialist VPI Industries from the US state of New Jersey, namely that it is a so-called direct drive. According to the manufacturer, it is a turntable that sets new standards, that raises record playback to a new level of quality.

VPI Industries even speaks of the new VPI Titan Direct Turntable as a state-of-the-art running value and thus a true highlight that can be presented for the first time at the High End 2023 together with Audio Reference GmbH in Munich. Mat Weisfeld, CEO of VPI Industries, will make this presentation in person and will be available to answer questions from interested parties.

VPI Titan Direct Turntable – The successor of the VPI Avenger Direct Turntable

The new VPI Titan Direct Turntable takes the technical features of the direct drive technology from VPI Industries and combines them with the concept of the VPI Titan, the outstanding feature of which is the so-called multi-layer design, a sandwich construction made of a combination of acrylic, aluminium and acrylic again.

The new VPI Titan Direct Turntable incorporates 45 years of experience in the field of direct drive turntables as well as material science and insulation technologies. The result is, as already mentioned, a turntable that is considered state-of-the-art and a worthy successor to the VPI Avenger Direct Drive Turntable.

The new VPI Titan Direct Turntable differs from this turntable by numerous innovations in detail, and this already starts with the drive itself, because they now rely on a magnetic direct drive and additional mass.

While retaining the original BLDC motor components, the focus has been on the mechanical implementation of the latest usable motors and technologies, and in cooperation with the engineers of the long-standing cooperation partners, the latest technology has been implemented in a more efficient way.

With air spring isolation, additional resonance-suppressing chassis design, Fatboy Gimbal tonearm and VTA and much more. The new VPI Titan Direct, like all VPI Avenger Series turntables, offers the ability to mount up to three tonearms of any length and brand.

The new VPI Titan Direct also differs from its predecessor, the VPI Avenger Direct, by using a magnetic direct drive and additional mass.

Outstanding industrial design

VPI Industries explicitly emphasises that they believe that with the new VPI Titan Direct they have once again realised a turntable with outstanding industrial design. This is to express the company’s ambition to further raise the bar for performance standards and at the same time to underline its love for music. Talk about American engineering at its finest.

Prices and availability

As already mentioned, the new VPI Titan Direct Drive Turntable will celebrate its premiere at the High End 2023. Regarding the availability in the specialised trade, Audio Reference GmbH states that they are currently assuming the middle to end of the third quarter of 2023. As a guideline, the retail price is currently listed at US$ 60.000,-.

Getting to the point

The new VPI Titan Direct Drive Turntable is intended to make a statement and set a new standard, according to the US high-end hi-fi manufacturer VPI Industries, which will present this turntable for the first time at the High End 2023 in Munich and sees it as a prime example of outstanding engineering and industrial design.

PriceUS$ 60.000,-
ManufacturerVPI Industries
DistributionAudio Reference GmbH
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