Roon 2.0.16 is live – Microsoft .NET 6 and IPv6

Once again Roon Labs LLC. delivers a pure service release with the now available version Roon 2.0.16, because this update does not contain any new functions. Nevertheless, it is an important release, because it introduces IPv6 for Roon ARC and switches to Microsoft .NET 6.

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  • Roon 2.0.16 is an update that is once again a service release, which does not really bring any new functions, but performance and stability improvements.

Users of the software from Roon Labs LLC. can now rely on the latest version, Roon 2.0.16, which the US software company has now made available. This is Roon 2.0 Build 1272 for Roon, Roon Server and Roon Remote for Apple iOS and Google Android.

The new version is an update that ultimately does not provide any new functions that are directly obvious to the user; rather, one must once again speak of a pure service release, which is nevertheless important.

Stability improvements and performance optimisations

Roon Labs LLC is pleased to announce the latest version of Roon with a number of stability improvements, as well as performance optimisation measures. In addition, one or two bugs that had existed for a long time could be fixed with the latest update. Above all, however, there are two particularly important changes and innovations, namely the change to Microsoft .NET 6 and the support of IPv6.

Microsoft .NET 6 and IPv6

Roon Labs LLC. speaks of two outstanding changes, because these are fundamental innovations in the underlying structure of the software.

Finally, Roon has released IPv6 network compatibility for Roon ARC. This change should make it possible for many users, who are confronted with problems due to the adaptation of the IPv6 address format by their internet provider, to use Roon ARC also outside the domestic network without any problems, as the software forge promises.

Once again, however, the company admits that Roon ARC functions without problems if the network configuration is as simple as possible and the Internet provider and its hardware do not require any special configurations. Certain internet providers or router configurations will still require additional steps or workarounds in the future, they admit, which is beyond the influence of Roon Labs LLC.

The second major change is an update to the development framework used by Roon and RoonServer on the Microsoft Windows platform, as it now relies on Microsoft .NET 6.

Pricing and availability

As always, the update for Roon 2.0 is available to all subscribers free of charge. As already described, this is currently Roon 2.0 Build 1272 or Roon Server 2.0 Build 1272. Updates for the apps Roon Remote for Apple iOS and Google Android are also available. However, the app Roon ARC remains unchanged.

Getting to the point

Once again, this update of Roon is only a service release, whereby Roon Labs LLC. particularly emphasises the support of IPv6. With this, the app Roon ARC is supposed to work more smoothly than it has been the case with some users so far.

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US$ 829,99 Lifetime Licence
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