Velodyne Acoustics presents Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15

It is at the top of the product line that the specialist for outstanding subwoofers, Velodyne Acoustics, presented at the beginning of 2021 in the form of the Velodyne Deep Blue Series. The Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 is clearly the flagship of this series.

At the beginning of this year, Velodyne Acoustics Inc. surprised with a completely new product series. The new Velodyne Deep Blue Series was to comprise four models, namely the subwoofers Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8, Velodyne Deep Blue DB-10, Velodyne Deep Blue DB-12 and Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15.

The new Velodyne Deep Blue Series should, as the specialist stated, be understood as a product line that completely corresponds to the tradition of Velodyne Acoustics, and thus offers an extremely dynamic and at the same time precise performance. And all this at a very attractive price.

Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 – The flagship is launched

Of all things, it is the flagship that is now available as the first model in the series. With a powerful 15 inch driver with quadruple voice coil and double ferrite magnets as well as its sound and performance electronics, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 fulfils even the highest demands for powerful, precise low frequencies, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

Compact, stylish and powerful

As the flagship of the compact Velodyne Deep Blue series, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 delivers all the famous benefits of Velodyne Acoustics’ subwoofers in an amazingly living room-friendly format.

Designed from the ground up, the front-firing 15-inch driver’s frequency response extends down to an impressive 23 Hz with +/-3 dB tolerance for stunning home theatre experiences. The multi-strutted, closed cabinet made of solid MDF material guarantees unshakeable stability without any vibrations. With adjustable level, crossover frequency and phase, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 can also be flexibly adapted to any system and any listening room.

Velodyne Deep Blue DB 15 01

Newly developed 15 inch driver for impressive sound fidelity

As already mentioned, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 from Velodyne Acoustics uses a 15 inch driver chassis. This driver has been developed especially for the Velodyne Deep Blue series with the decades of experience of Velodyne Acoustics.

The diaphragm is made of especially stiff reinforced polypropylene, which effectively avoids partial vibrations and distortions even at extreme strokes. The quad voice coil, together with the double ferrite magnet, ensures high efficiency, the fastest rise times and impulse fidelity.

Precisely adjustable thanks to sophisticated electronics

The amplifier electronics of the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15, with 450 watts of continuous power and 1,000 watts of impulse power, are also well equipped for demanding tasks such as action films with powerful bass in large home cinemas, according to the manufacturer.

At the same time, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 offers flexible options for connecting to the outside world. With the integrated, high-precision crossover used in the bass driver and a separate socket for LFE signals from surround players, there are no limits to the use of the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15, whether as a subwoofer for satellite systems, as an LFE in demanding immersive home cinema environments, or as a playing partner for the high-end HiFi system.

The new Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 will be available immediately at a recommended retail price of € 1.490,-.

Getting to the point

With the newly developed flagship of the Velodyne Deep Blue Series, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15, the established subwoofer manufacturer Velodyne Acoustics Inc. returns under the new management of Mansour Mamaghani. The attractively priced models are characterised by maximum efficiency with compact and beautifully designed enclosures and can be inconspicuously integrated into any living ambience. With a powerful 15-inch driver with quadruple voice coil and double ferrite magnets as well as its sonorous and high-performance electronics, the Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 meets even the highest demands for powerful, precise low frequency sound.

Manufacturer:Velodyne Acoustics Inc.
Distribution Austria:R.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution Germany:Audio Reference GmbH
Price:Velodyne Deep Blue DB-8 € 790,-
Velodyne Deep Blue DB-10 € 990,-
Velodyne Deep Blue DB-12 € 1.190,-
Velodyne Deep Blue DB-15 € 1.490,-
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