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So now Spotify too! In the course of the year, the streaming service Spotify wants to offer HiFi. For the first time, music in “CD quality” will also be available here. The provider speaks of a “high-quality music experience”.

Spotify HiFi is the name of the service announced by the industry leader in music streaming, Spotify AB. Up to now, content has been offered exclusively in lossy compressed form, but now Spotify HiFi will be offered in “CD quality”.

According to Spotify AB, the provider is thus responding to the demand of artists and music lovers for whom quality is particularly important. High-quality music streaming, as the new offer is called, is one of the most requested features by existing customers. A realisation that is probably not as new as Spotify AB now conveys, after all, they are one of the last providers in this sector to offer only lossy audio data. Numerous competitors have long offered alternatives in this regard, some even with hi-res audio far more.

Not only quantity, but also quality counts…

However, now Spotify AB is also focusing on quality, as sheer quantity alone is not really a strong selling point in the marketing of the offer. Above all, Billie Eilish was chosen to announce the corresponding advertising message on the occasion of the presentation of Spotify HiFi.

Spotify Connect as an interface

Essentially, Spotify HiFi goes hand in hand with Spotify Connect, the interface that Spotify AB provides for partners in consumer electronics to guarantee seamless playback throughout the home across a wide range of products from different manufacturers. The provider promises that it is already working with numerous partners to make Spotify HIFi accessible on as many devices as possible via Spotify Connect at market launch.

Spotify AB states that Spotify HiFi, as described, offers music streaming in “CD quality” using a Lossless Audio format.

Date for market launch open

It is not yet clear when Spotify HiFi will actually be available. The provider currently only states that this new offer will be rolled out in selected markets in the course of 2021. Of course, it is not clear whether this offer will actually be available in Germany at the time of market launch. It is also unclear what price Spotify AB will charge for Spotify HiFi.

Getting to the point

It really took a long time for the industry leader Spotify AB to realise that quantity alone is no longer enough, but that quality can also be a marketing tool. While the competition has been offering music streaming at least in “CD quality”, sometimes even in hi-res audio, for some time now, Spotify AB is announcing Spotify HiFi with “CD quality” for this year. When and at what price has not yet been determined. If Spotify AB now also realises that they have to pay artists fairly in order to be able to offer “content” for their own service in the future…

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