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System Audio Silverback Series now also available in walnut finish

Up to now, System Audio A/S has limited the so-called System Audio Silverback Series to black and white, but now the active loudspeaker systems of this product series will also be offered in walnut.

With the System Audio Silverback Series, the Danish loudspeaker specialist System Audio A/S offers a range of active loudspeaker systems that are distinguished by a number of special features and thus stand out from many such solutions on the market.

These features are first and foremost the unique technical equipment, but also the design and form factor of the System Audio Silverback Series solutions distinguish them from many other solutions on the market.

Active loudspeaker systems based on WiSA

First of all, there is the fact that these are active loudspeaker systems that can be controlled particularly flexibly, in the simplest case even “wirelessly” via radio, whereby the manufacturer relies on the WiSA standard for this. This not only allows the design of flexible stereo systems, but also the control of several pairs of loudspeakers from a central hub, and in principle these systems are also equipped for home cinema and thus surround sound.

DSP-based signal processing for RAM tweaks and room correction

In addition, these solutions are active loudspeaker systems that rely on DSP-based signal processing and thus offer the possibility to intervene in it. The manufacturer refers to so-called RAM tweaks, which are simply imported via USB stick.

It is also possible to carry out room correction, whereby the SA Cockpit app for Apple iOS and Google Android is available for this purpose.

Extremely slim, elegant design

Last but not least, it must be mentioned that these are particularly slim, extremely elegant speaker systems that can be seamlessly integrated into the living environment.

Design plays an important role for System Audio A/S, which is why they decided to offer the solutions of the System Audio Silverback Series in a new design.

Previously white and black – now also walnut

Surprisingly, System Audio S/A has so far limited the models of the System Audio Silverback Series to white and black, but now – at least in small quantities – the walnut version is to be added.

System Audio SA Legend 5.2 Silverback and System Audio SA Legend 60.2 Silverback

Initially, the two systems System Audio SA Legend 5.2 Silverback and System Audio SA Legend 60.2 Silverback will be offered in the new walnut finish at the end of October.

Ole Witthøft, founder and managing director of System Audio A/S, says that only a small number of these models will be produced in the new walnut finish, probably as a first test to see how this design variant will be received by customers.

System Audio SA Legend 40.2

This also applies to the System Audio SA Legend 40.2, which will also be offered in the walnut finish in the course of December 2021.

For all systems, the price will remain unchanged compared to the previous design variants, at least for the time being, according to the manufacturer.

Getting to the point

It’s probably true that most customers who buy a loudspeaker system will ultimately opt for a classic white or black version anyway, so it’s not really possible for a comparatively small manufacturer to produce umpteen different design variants of its solutions and keep them in stock at reasonable conditions. So it is all the more pleasing that System Audio A/S now offers the products of the System Audio Silverback Series not only in white and black, but also in walnut in small quantities.

Manufacturer:System Audio A/S
Distribution:Robert Ross Audiophile Produkte GmbH
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